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by Editor on July 12, 2013

Beautiful home--Casa bella

Just because you have a small budget or only need a small living space, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a beautiful home.

Small house plans are perfect for first time home buyers, single people, retirees who no longer need a large home or even a second home for vacation getaways.  No matter why you choose to build a small home,  you can still benefit greatly from a house plan.  Smaller homes mean less materials needed.  Therefore, this leaves you with the opportunity to overindulge in some other areas.  Maybe you love to garden or work in the garage.  A small house plan can help you to determine living space that will allow for some extras that can really enhance your home.  Smaller homes such as cottages and cabins can make beautiful vacation or weekend getaway retreats.  Imagine a little cottage nestled in the woods or even a small beach cottage off the coast.  Building and designing a second home can be stressful.  If you are used to a larger home with larger living space, it may be difficult to envision a smaller living space.  With a small house plan, you can instantly determine area space for your kitchen, living rooms or bedrooms that can be a huge help in figuring out details in regard to furniture, storage space and design.

When speaking of a small budget, small home plans may be the best idea in this uncertain economy!

You can save some money by building a home that is somewhat modest, while still including the features you need and want. Small home plan designs can minimize future costs as well, such as heating, cooling and taxes!  If you simply want a smaller home that is easier to maintain and clean, you’ll find plenty of choices!  Just make sure you are making the right choice.

If you’re designing a small home, remember the many benefits these petite spaces provide. They are less wasteful, more cost effective and packed with personality. Lowered utility costs, taxes and simplified maintenance make smaller homes quite desirable, especially in today’s economy.

Flexibility and versatility are the two main components in designing for small spaces. The ability to work and play in your living space effectively is key, because a functional room always feels larger.

First time home buyers can especially benefit from a small house plan.  There are so many aspects to building a home.  Many things are overlooked due to lack of experience in home building or just the unknown.  Builders and designers have a plethora of knowledge and can be instrumental in helping you along the way.  Envisioning your smaller living space can be difficult to do.  The builders and architects that design small house plans can really help you get the most out of your space efficiently while also using their expertise to make your home seem larger than it is.  There are many “tricks of the trade” that without a good house plan would otherwise go unknown.  So invest in a small house plan and ensure that your home (no matter how small in size) makes you feel like the king or queen of your castle.


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This  article is written by Christine Cooney, the writer for an online home and floor plan website. She has written about everything from residential craftsman house plans, architectural home designs, floor plans, blueprints and small house plans. Christine, a writer in this industry for many years takes pride in what she writes and pride in the company she writes for.

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