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by Editor on April 24, 2013

Due to their trendy appeal and good quality, Plantation blinds or Plantation shutters, are becoming very popular these days. This type of shutter is attached to a window’s interior part, making it easy for home owners like you to choose the style that properly fits your home’s theme. In short, aside from its functionality, it also further enhances the appearance of your windows. It also makes home renovation less of a hassle. The blinds come in all different styles and designs for any look in any home; whether you have an antique or contemporary aesthetic, these shutters work in virtually any home design. The Plantation style is perfect for quick and easy home improvement additions. Sometimes a new set of blinds can spruce up an entire room.

Why Are Blinds So Important?
Aside from acting as elegant home decoration, plantation blinds are used in most household and commercial establishments to regulate the light coming through. The sunlight cannot pass through the shutter and the room will be kept at a comfortable temperature. In the summer they keep the heat out and in the winter the keep the heat in. Depending on the type or style, plantation shutters can be divided into three sections. If your shutters allow you to do so, you can keep one side of the shutter open and the other side closed, to allow just the right amount of ventilation. Plus, you can control the amount of light that enters the room.

Searching for the perfect set of blinds
Finding the best plantation blinds for you is not difficult. With the wide variety of blinds available in the market today, you can surely find the best set that suits your preferences and the overall interior design of your home. The blinds come in all different shapes and sizes. Make sure you know the size of your window before purchasing the blinds. Also, plantation shutters can be installed either inside or outside your window. So do what works best for you.

Aside from the style and size, you need to consider the material used for the blinds of your choice. Basically, plantation blinds are made up of hardwoods including cedar, basswood and Larchwood. These materials are durable and cost efficient, but some less expensive materials may include fiberboard and thermoplastic. You can have the shutter made with a few different types of materials depending on your preference.

Spring Cleaning
Once you have the plantation blinds installed in your windows, make sure that they are well maintained. It is necessary to clean them on a regular basis especially during summer months, so make sure you follow a constant cleaning schedule. You can use a damp cloth to clean dust, dirt grease and grime.  The cleaner they stay, the longer they last.

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