Why You Should Have A Neo Angle Shower

by Editor on June 3, 2013

Shower complete!

Most people have never heard of the term neo angle shower, unless they are shopping for a new shower door or remodeling their bathroom and looking for different options for shower door selections. A neo angle shower door usually consists of three glass sides that enclose two walls.

However, there are many options and designs to choose from depending upon where the placement of your shower will be. As these types of showers may not be for every bathroom, here are some great reasons why you should consider having a neo angle shower.

Saves Space

As the name suggests and because the corner of a neo angle shower is cut off creating the angle, neo angle showers are ideal for small spaces, although even people that have larger bathrooms install them also.

It makes the room look more spacious and simply increases the overall look of the bathroom. Due to the small space required, they can be perfect for implementing a new en suite extension to your bedroom, or making the most of a small bathroom.

Enhances Bathroom

If you opt in for clear shower doors, it will enhance the bathroom as it often makes a small bathroom look bigger because you see right through to the wall as opposed to a framed or frosted glass that would hide the beauty of the tiles, stone or whatever you’ve installed on the walls.

You might not spend much time in the bathroom, but at the very least you want it to be a comfortable, welcoming paradise where you can just stand for a long time and allow your shower head to drench you.

Show Off Fixtures

Most people invest in a lot of money in their shower fixtures and especially their shower head, and with the huge varieties to choose from, a neo angle shower is a great way to show off that beautiful shower head or rain shower head.

Solves Problems

Neo angle showers are the solution to solving small space issues, while still having enough space to shower. Depending on the size of the shower, you have the option of adding a built in seat in the shower. In most cases you have the ability to decide on where the door placement will be based on your bathroom setup and practicality.


The shower doors for the neo angle showers come in various designs and options to choose from. The frameless doors are the most popular and the doors are held together with angled hinges and metal clips of your choice.

There are also many different glass choices to choose from such as clear, frosted, or even etched with designs on them. If you’re not considering the frameless type, you can choose the framed shower doors that also come in various finishes such as silver, brushed nickel, gold or oil rubbed bronze.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, consider a neo angle shower as it goes with practically every type of style and will make a great addition to your bathroom.

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Robert is a kitchen and bath remodeling specialist. He enjoys selecting special unique products for his clients. In fact, when he remodeled his bathroom he had his faucets and shower head shipped from overseas.

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