Reasons To Ensure You Have The Proper Home Ventilation System

by Editor on April 24, 2013


A lot of factors contribute to how homey a house feels. These vary from one person to the next as each of us have our own perception of comfort and convenience. For some, a dwelling has to have all the home luxuries that would enable its household to relax and enjoy. There are also those who believe that a home is not ‘home’ if there is no family. There are even people who believe that a home does not have to be that just one place, for wherever their loved ones are, there the home is.

Proper ventilation — basic ingredient of a home

While the personal definitions for ‘home’ could go on and on, there are some basic factors that would make a home conducive for living and one of them is proper ventilation.

Not only does a home have to be spic and span all the time – it also has to be properly ventilated. You might wonder why, or what exactly ventilation means. Ventilation is basically the exchange between the air inside your house and the air outside it. If there is poor exchange between these two, the air inside your house would most likely be stale and unhealthy.

You might ask how your home can get properly ventilated. Well, there are natural ways to ventilate and they can simply be done by just opening doors and windows. There are, however, mechanical ways of ventilating and these are by use of fans that expel air out and into your house.

In New Zealand, there are two types of mechanical ventilation available. First, there’s the more common positive pressure roof cavity ventilation systems, and second, there’s balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation systems.

Positive Pressure Roof Cavity Ventilation Systems

Positive pressure or roof cavity ventilation systems transports clean air into the house through a single – or in other occasions – multiple vents, which come from the roof space. This may not sound like a good idea considering that roof spaces are typically dirty with vermin, mold, and dust, but it’s for this exact reason why frequent cleaning of the filters is necessary. Moreover, in order for the home ventilation system to be efficient, the roof must also be tightly sealed so that air from the house does not escape into the roof space – only to flow back into the house.

Balanced Pressure Heat Recover Ventilation

Balanced pressure heat recover ventilation, on the other hand, is ideal for places in colder climates. In order to get maximum function, the house must be adequately warmed and airtight. Otherwise known as HRVs, these ventilators operate with two fans – one that expels air from the outside into the house, while the other one expels air from the house into the outside. The mechanism involves using sensible heat coming from the indoor air that is to be expelled outside. Air from the outside is filtered so that it’s free of dust and pollens.

Choosing between the two aforementioned types of home ventilation would depend on the type of house and the home design you have, as well as the type of climate you live in.

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