Why Plastic Decking For Pools?

by Editor on June 12, 2013


Plastic walkways and decking are enjoying a steady growth in our communities, parks and nature reserves. This is down to the fact that these recycled plastic walkways and decking have so many benefits over traditional wood and stone.

Plastic walkways, boardwalks and decking can be found in use in many areas due to the fact that it has so many qualities and advantages. It is eco-friendly, tough and durable and can be manufactured to blend in to almost any environment.

If you have a swimming pool or decked area then it choosing recycled plastic decking could be the perfect answer. The material is completely recycled and gives off no toxins or chemicals. It also is completely waterproof and slip resistant which makes it the perfect material for decking your pool area.

Resistant to mold, mildew, algae and bacteria, this material will not rot or allow insects to eat away at it. The plastic decking will never splinter, will not visibly fade in colour or finish and will offer you years of reliable service without the need for maintenance.

Plastic decking for swimming pools and leisure areas comes in a range of colours designed to suit many applications. The colour of the decking is consistent throughout the product meaning that the inside is the same colour as the outer colour. This is a great feature in case a scratch or vandalism might occur.

The finish is resistant to UV light, so your colour will not noticeably fade over time. Sizes can be made to order as well as coming in a range of pre cut standard sizes.

Benefits of Plastic Decking at a Glance:

Ø 100% Waterproof

Ø Slip-resistant finish

Ø Resistant to rot, algae, bacteria and mold

Ø UV Resistant – will not noticeably fade over time

Ø Splinter free

Ø Scratch and vandalism resistant

The Environmental Benefits:

Not only does plastic decking look great, it lasts at least five times longer than traditional wood. it requires no chemicals with which to maintain it and gives off no toxins. This is great news for the environment and it doesn’t stop there.

The production of these plastic decking materials uses recycled plastic which whilst reusing plastic which would have otherwise gone to landfill, it also reduces the demand for other raw materials. By producing just a 1.5 metre section of recycled plastic decking it means that 1500 plastic bottles will be saved from landfill.

The Financial Benefits:

Plastic decking and walkways offer exceptional value for money. This is mainly due to their life span and durability. The fact they need no preservatives for maintenance also adds up in the long term. If you compare the lifetime cost of recycled plastic decking when compared to its timber counterpart you are looking at a cost of £242 per year as opposed to £808 for timber.

For more information on plastic decking and its use, you will find a range of manufacturers and suppliers on the internet. Sites such as British Plastic have more details and advice on the manufacture and use of recycled plastic.

About the Author

Guest post written by Amelia Foster, decking out her new outdoor swimming pool with recycled plastic lumber.

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