Why Is Interior Design So Popular?

by Editor on June 8, 2013


The popularity of interior design from all perspectives has increased dramatically in recent years.  Whether it is the increasing number of design magazines in shops, books available, online courses, demonstration websites, or simply the number of people offering their services in this area, there is no question that the industry has undergone a huge period of evolution throughout the last decade.

What is it about all of these elements that come together to drive the popularity of the industry? We explored some of the reasons why interior design has exploded, and is likely to continue hitting new heights in the years to come.

People Found an Opportunity

In terms of the growing numbers of people becoming interior designers, it is obvious that they saw a great opportunity either for becoming freelance designers or for starting their own business.

Given that growing numbers have been seeking home business opportunities in the last five years owing to the financial situation, interior design has found it easy to catch on. Of course, the fact that people realized that they could make money by telling people how they might decorate their home, and that it actually sounds quite ludicrous, probably helped.

The growing number of avenues for getting involved with the industry have also helped, with courses such as those offered by the Interior Design Institute becoming more widely available from a number of providers.

It’s Easy to Do

Anyone can become an interior designer. In fact, if we’ve ever come up with a plan of how we want our home to look and put the plan into action, then at some point we’ve carried out the work of an interior designer without ever realizing it.

How easy is it to walk into the local newsagent, pick up the latest edition of Ideal Home Magazine, and start using the ideas featured in there as a basis for your own interior design career?

Another positive aspect of interior design is that you can be as simple or as intricate as you want. For every designer who can come up with plans for every room in the house and turn your home into a palatial setting, others focus on the simpler aspects of design. These might include space saving initiatives like sliding wardrobe doors, or the power art has in terms of lighting up a room, or a niche area of design such as wooden floor restoration.

The designers who do the simple stuff can be just as successful as those who come up with grandiose plans, so don’t be put off if you’re not one for huge bursts of creativity.

We can be Lazy

This is perhaps the cynical viewpoint, but it is definitely something that drives much of the industry.

We already know that we’re all interior designers, really, so why would we pay someone to tell us the best color of paint or pattern of wallpaper for our home? Sometimes, we just need the reassurance that an interior designer can give us, so that we’re confident our home looks as good as we want it to be.

Expect these factors to continue driving the interior design industry for years to come.

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Karl is a home improvement specialist that works with a number of interior designers to come up with practical, inspirational ideas for renovating people’s homes. In his spare time, Karl enjoys reading and playing football.

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