Top Reasons to Choose Granite Worktops

by Editor on April 25, 2013


Most home owners would naturally want their kitchen to be the best one there is as it is where meals and good times are shared by family and guests. Doing budget friendly renovations such as making it both functional and beautiful should be a top priority and granite worktops can easily do the trick. But how to pick the right granite worktop that will fit your kitchen’s requirements?

Many home owners love the look and feel of granite. It is available in a wide variety of colours including cream, pink, blue, and black along with many different shades of grey. Unlike mass-produced laminates, granite worktops have personality as each one is unique. Not only does each granite-producing region have its own characteristic patterns, but each individual piece has its own variation on them.

Why Is Granite The Ideal Choice?

Granite is also a far more practical choice for kitchen homes than laminate or marble. They are resistant to heat, which is hugely important in a cooking environment for reasons of safety and efficiency. It also makes granite a popular choice with people who like to cook pastry as it can be trusted to keep the pastry cool while it is being rolled out. In addition to being heat-proof, granite is also strongly resistant to stains and water. This makes it hygienic as well as durable.

One of the great benefits of using granite in the kitchen (as opposed to laminate or marble) is that it is very difficult to scratch. This is important for hygiene as scratches are places where bacteria can lurk and multiply (which is why scratched chopping boards should be disposed of). It also means that granite worktops will continue to look good, year after year, while laminates and marble are likely to need to be replaced much more frequently.

Is Granite Expensive?

Although the initial cost of granite worktops is likely to be higher than laminate (and possibly than marble), overall granite is an affordable and economical option. Granite will continue to look good and perform well for many years. All that is usually required to keep it in good condition is an annual application of sealant.

Granite worktops are also a good investment in terms of making a house more attractive to prospective buyers or renters. The attractiveness, practicality and durability of granite worktops are widely recognized and appreciated. They also act as an indication that the owners of a house value quality and hence suggest that the house as a whole has been well managed and maintained. This is why they are usually explicitly mentioned when houses are described in sales brochures.

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