Why City Rebates for Purchase of Gun Safes Could Become the Norm

by Editor on July 20, 2013

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When it comes to keeping citizens safe, yet not revoking constitutional rights, it is up to cities to integrate different services for its citizens in order to make sure everyone is and feels safe. Gun control has long proved a rather difficult subject and a bit tricky to discuss, because the freedom to hold and own arms is directly built into the constitution, yet whenever a massive shooting takes place, especially one in a public facility or a school, the debate over gun control always kicks up and moves into another gear. While there doesn’t appear to be any true movement in the coming future, one feature that is designed to keep individuals safe are gun safes. With a proper gun safe it is going to prevent children and other individuals who should not have access to the weapons from easily picking up a rifle and walking off to a school or other location. This is exactly why city rebates for the purchase of gun safes could possibly become the norm.


The purchase of gun safes is often a rather expensive addition to the house, and if you own guns you probably have noticed that a safe, large enough to hold your rifles, pistols, ammunition and other accessories not only is large, but has a rather hefty price tag. Like anyone else you probably trust those in your family not to fool around with the weapons, but this has been the case for many of the shootings around the country, where someone takes the unlocked weapons from their family’s house and does the unthinkable. To promote the purchase of gun safes many cities are looking to provide rebates for these safes. This means, if you buy a gun safe at a local gun store or shop, you are eligible for a rebate, in some shape or form, from the local government. This can come in the form of a tax deduction or a check mailed to you from the government.

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The overall percentage of coverage for the gun safe is also going to vary, depending on the city. Recently, the city of Northglenn in Colorado passed a proposal in which the city would provide a rebate of up to 25 percent of the purchase price of a gun safe, up to $525. There is a time limit for the purchase though, as residents do have to buy a safe during a certain period and provide documentation of the purchase in a given time frame in order to receive the rebate, but the city is hoping it increases gun control awareness, without actually taking away firearms from potential gun owners. The city doesn’t want to restrict the rights of gun owners on what they own or what they use, they just want to make sure the gun owners practice safe security while at home.

More and more cities are starting to implement a program such as this, although the rebate amounts and time frames are a bit different from city to city. If this kind of a program is not yet implemented into your city there is a good chance that one similar to it will arise in the next few years, especially if there is a rather large turnout. While there are communities throughout the country that are struggling for cash and don’t have the necessary finances to provide this kind of service, others that do have the means are going to look for ways to improve security for their citizens, and many believe better gun security inside the house is the best way to go about it.

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