Why Buy A Recliner And How To Choose One

by Editor on May 9, 2013

Posh Living Leather Recliner by McNeilly

Recliners are synonymous with comfort and self-indulgence. An entire episode of the sitcom Friends revolves around two characters making the most of theirs and the joke became a recurring one throughout the series. However, they can also be good for you in other ways.

Back health

Back pain is one of the most common ailments these days. There are a number of reasons for this, but at heart is almost always because the muscles have tightened, creating stress. While there are things you can to do address the root of the problem, there are also things you can do to alleviate the pain and recliners fall into the latter category.

Recliners are better than ordinary chairs for back problems, because they take the weight off the spine. When you sit upright, your back is still supporting much of your weight. Reclined, that is no longer the case. A reclined position is also good for varicose veins as it’s easier for the blood to flow back to your heart.

Rise and recline

But it’s not just the reclining aspect of such chairs which is of benefit. For many people, a rise and recline version offers something even more important. The rise feature helps people get up out of the chair and into a standing position where otherwise they would struggle or need help from others. Combine this with the benefits described above and other furniture might not get much of a look-in.
Choosing the right recliner

There’s no shortage of variety when it comes to recliners, but choosing the right one isn’t just about picking the fabric that best suits your d├ęcor. You also need to ensure that it is robust and fit for purpose.

First of all, you will need to decide whether you want a manual or electric recliner. Manual ones are cheaper, but they will not do the job if you need a rising feature. These are always electric. Look for those with a dual motor as well as this means the footrest and backrest can be controlled separately, which isn’t always the case.

Beyond that, you can get chairs with massage features, which sounds appealing but think about what it will actually mean in practice before you commit to a purchase – not everyone finds them appealing once they’ve actually switched them on. It might also not be suitable if you have a back problem, even if it seems like it should. Good support is actually far more important.

For durability, you are probably best off with leather, although this also comes with the biggest price tag. Wool is also hard-wearing, so this might be another option.

You can also get reclining sofas. Here, one or several seats will have a reclining facility. However, you don’t get quite the same experience because you obviously won’t have arm rests on both sides. However, these sofas really appeal to many people and are certainly worth considering.

Whatever you go for, remind yourself that a recliner isn’t just about comfort – it’s good for your back too. You can then indulge yourself without guilt.

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