Who’s Protecting Your Home While You’re At Work?

by Editor on May 13, 2013

At the door

Most people go to work during the day. Most criminals know this. This means your home is most vulnerable during the day. Protecting your home from an intrusion during the day isn’t too hard. It just takes a little work and you will be good to go to work without worry.

1. Have the right landscaping

Landscaping is important to ward away criminals. Having bushes in front of your windows can be okay if they do not block the window. Once they start blocking the window, it gives the criminal cover. They can hide behind the bush and brake in. No one will spot them and they can do it in plain day light! Keep your bushes trimmed so your windows are visible to the world. Don’t give those burglars any spot to hide in your yard.

2. Keep valuables hidden

Now that your windows are clear of tall bushes, keep your blinds closed when you are not home. It is probably wise to keep your blinds closed as much as possible in rooms that show off valuables. Don’t place your big screen TV right where criminals can see it. It is your job to make sure no one can peek into your home and be tempted by your goods.

3. Get a dog

Have you been on the fence about getting a dog? Here is another reason to get one. They can scare off potential intruders! Burglars are looking for easy targets when you are gone to work. Dog are a great way of keeping intruders away. Dogs tend to bark when someone comes too close to the home. Burglars want to go unnoticed and a dog will just blow their cover. Get a dog and get safer, even if it is just a little bit.

4. Invest in an alarm

A good way to keep your home secure while you are gone at work is to invest in a¬†security system. Security systems allow you to have an alarm go off when your doors/windows are opened, glass breaks, or there is motion in your home. If they alarm doesn’t scare them off, you can have police sent to your home once the alarm is triggered. There are many companies to choose from such as ADT and¬†Smith Monitoring. Investing in a security system is a great idea for more aggressive intruders. You will feel safer just knowing that the police will be called in an emergency, even when you are sleeping.

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