Which Home Improvements Will Add Value To Your Home?

by Editor on June 4, 2013

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Home improvements can give your home an instant boost and improve the aesthetics considerably. But they can also add some value to your home should you choose to sell it sometime in the future. Here are some of the investments you can make which will add value to your home and ensure that it sells faster.

New kitchen and bathroom

Renovating your kitchen and bathroom is a great way to increase the value of your property and an instant selling point for buyers. If your kitchen or bathroom is looking dated it can instantly put off buyers so a complete renovation may be necessary. If your kitchen and bathroom are both fairly modern, adding a few new extras can help add some value. You can stick to replacing either the toilet or sink which are both cheaper options than replacing the bathtub. If you are looking for an even cheaper option, then you can replace the towel bars, add tiled flooring or replace the faucets. For a kitchen, you can remodel the whole room or you can replace the flooring, cupboards, worktops and update your appliances.

Replacing the boiler

Your boiler may have been in your home for years on end therefore it is a good idea to consult with an expert to see if it could use an upgrade. This could save potential buyers a lot of cash on their heating bill making the house instantly more appealing. As the boiler will be brand new, it will add to the value of your home too. Newer boilers use up almost all of the energy that goes into them making them more energy efficient when compared to the older models. Depending on whether your boiler is run off electric or gas, you will need to find the right contractor to complete the work. Ask around for recommendations and call up for quotes to get the best contractor for the best price.

Replacing the front door

This is a relatively cheap investment compared to the others but it does add value to the home, both financially and aesthetically. The first thing a buyer will see when they come to view your home is the front door therefore it can be the difference between making a sale and having your house on the market for longer. If your front door is in good shape then a repaint should do the trick. If it is looking a little worn then it may be time to have a newer, more contemporary door fitted. You can even do this yourself if you are good at DIY but it doesn’t cost much to replace the door and add some new fixtures to it.

In terms of small DIY improvements, keep paintwork neutral, light and airy in order to appeal to potential buyers. This allows buyers to see what colours they could add to make the house their own. Some of the larger home improvement projects are worth twice the value than they cost to complete therefore they may make you a sizeable profit and will make for a quicker sale of the property.

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