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by Editor on June 3, 2013

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Sometimes, you’re just sitting around the house thinking, “I really wish my lounge/dining room/bedroom” was a little more exciting than this.  However, you know that nothing is actually going to change, because you’re sorely lacking in your own inspiration and don’t have the first clue where to start.

You want to improve your home, so you need to get up, out, and find some interior design inspirations for yourself. Here are some suggestions that will help you on your quest.

Furniture Stores

We’re not suggesting that you head out to IKEA and spend money on cheap furniture that will fall apart within a few months of buying it, but there and other stores don’t just sell wardrobes and tables.

They are very clever with how they do it, and set up whole rooms to help you to envisage what something might look like, which in turn encourages customers to spend thousands on the whole collection so they can replicate the showroom in their own home.

If you can control your urge to buy, furniture stores are a great place to find inspiration for your own home improvement ideas.

Design Magazines

Whether online or in print, magazines such as Interiors offer a wide range of exciting ideas that you can copy or twist to your own tastes. The only thing you might need to consider is the luxury market most of these magazines cater for.

If you are looking to decorate on a budget, you will need to be savvy at finding alternatives that look like the costly items you have found in the magazine.

Trade Shows

Although trade shows for interior designers and architects have traditionally been the domain of those who work in the industry, events such as the Ideal Home Show are excellent for consumers who want to rub shoulders with some of the big industry names – including celebrity designers – and come up with some great ideas for enhancing their home.

These events often feature everything from space saving sliding wardrobe doors to full bathroom and kitchen renovations. Whether you’re looking for ideas for giving your home a lick of paint or are planning a full-scale overhaul, you’ll never be short of ideas when you’re at one of these shows.


Over the last 10 to 15 years, there probably isn’t a genre of television show that has grown to the extent interior design programming has, perhaps except from the dreaded reality TV and talent show sector.

Turn on your set now, and you’re likely to find a wide range of programming that can provide you with handy hints and ideas. Shows range from complete renovations to simple room-by-room improvements, while some, such as May the Best House Win, don’t actually give you any pointers, but might provide you with the spark you need to go and do something with your own property.

Get Inspired

Interior design inspirations are all around you, as long as you’re prepared to look for them and allow all ideas and possibilities to take over your imagination, you cannot fail to come up with excellent ideas that will one day grace the inside of your home.

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Robert is an ecommerce owner selling furniture and providing resources relating to interior design ideas. Robert is a regular attendee at trade shows and also writes his own column in a popular interior design magazine.

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