Where Can You Donate Items During A Cleanup Or Move?

by Editor on June 10, 2013


So you have decided to finally get your place in order. Maybe you watched “Hoarders” and worried that you might be turning into one. Or perhaps you just wanted to clean your place up. You also could want to get your place in shape because you are about to move, and do not want to be paying to move things you would be better off getting rid of.

What to do to get rid of items you no longer want

You have several options when it comes to a move or cleanup. The first is to simply throw out items you no longer want. Of course, check with your local area regarding garbage rules in your area. You may need to hire a dumpster if you have a lot of items to trash. In addition, if you have hired a moving company, they may be able to dispose of items for you.

Of course, you might have some perfectly good things that do not need to be thrown away, but can be resold. You can try to sell them on eBay or Cragslist, or have a garage sale.  Of course, selling items is not for everybody. Perhaps you simply do want to deal with the hassle of putting up listings, dealing with bidders, or hosting a garage sale. That is understandable. Or maybe your items are perfectly good, but just not really saleable.

Benefits of donating items

This is why many people end up donating items. In many cases, they can get a tax-deductible benefit for their donation, and find the items a new home.  Plus, you are helping a good charity or organization. And you will feel really good about doing so. So why not think about donating your unwanted items?

Where to donate

Here are some suggestions on places where you can donate items:

Salvation Army and Goodwill:  Go to Goodwill.org or SAtruck.org or call 1-800-SA-TRUCK to donate household goods. Depending upon your community, in some cases the organization can even arrange a pickup at your home.

If you have good work clothing that you would like to donate, go to DressforSuccess.org. The clothing will go to help a disadvantaged person get a leg up in their job search.

The Lions Club is known for its work with eyesight – they help get eyeglasses to people who do not have access to optical programs. Find out where to donate your  old eyeglasses at their Recycle for Sight program.

You can get free pickup on furniture you want to donate by contacting the Furniture Bank Association of North America. The furniture can go to help poor people who cannot afford to buy furniture on their own.

Donating books is getting harder than ever, because even libraries are now turning down the donations. But there are still places to donate. Discoverbooks.com, BooksThroughBars.com, and BooksforSoldiers.com will take your books and put them to good use.

You can donate DVDs to DVDsfortheTroops and video games and video game players to the Get-Well Gamers organization.

For other items, you can list your items at the Freecycle site for your fellow neighbors to use.

In summary, donating items can help lighten the load of your move, and help others at the same time. Talk about win-win! Good luck with your move. To find movers in New York City, click here.

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