When Is Time To Call For AC Repair?

by Editor on May 3, 2013

Air conditioning systems play a very crucial role at home and in any other structure for that matter – they help ensure that the people within such establishments are enjoying a comfortable level of coolness despite the scorching heat of the sun outside.

Having said that, the machine’s failure to operate will cause not only discomfort, but decrease in productivity as well. It is therefore important that owners or managers regularly look into its state from time to time and decide whether it’s time to call up the repairmen.

So when is it really time to call for a professional’s help? The following are some hints that should get you picking up the phone to ring the repairmen:

1.       Ineffective cooling.

If your unit is not able to provide the comfort you have been looking to invest your money on, then there is definitely something wrong with it and you should contact your trusted contractor immediately. Whether you need to replace it or simply have it fixed, your contractor can help you weigh your options and decide accordingly.

2.       Erratic air flow.

Is your air conditioner erratically distributing air around the house? Are some parts getting too little air, while others receive too much? If your answer is yes, then there might be a problem with your duct work. Weak or little air coming from the vents could also indicate problems with the compressor.

3.       Water leakages.

Some people may notice pools of water forming beneath their AC unit and often disregard it for as long as the unit can still cool the room. However, this is a major sign that something is wrong with the air conditioner and should be subjected under a reliable contractor’s care.

4.       Issues with the thermostat.

If you notice that there is a huge difference between the cooling levels of your air conditioning unit in different areas of the house, then most likely the problem is not in the unit itself, but with the thermostat. Call your trusted contractor to point out the real cause of the problem and to prevent further damage.

5.       The unit makes odd sounds every time it’s switched on.

People may think it’s normal for AC units to issue strange sounds from time to time, but truth is, it’s not. If your unit is making strange noises, there is a huge likelihood that there is something wrong with it.

6.       Presence of bothersome odors.

Is your AC unit emitting a particular disturbing scent? This could be indicative of mold infestation inside the AC itself or the duct works, so you should call for the repairmen immediately. Any delay in consultation for repair might not only be detrimental for your unit, but for your household’s health as well.

There are times when homeowners would rather figure out the problem by themselves, for fear of an astoundingly huge repair bill. This is a very wrong practice as it might only cause bigger, irreparable problems in the unit which can force you to buy a new one – a much pricier option compared to simple repairs.

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This article was written by Cedric Loiselle for Keefe’s AC. If you want to know more about the best services for air conditioning repair New Orleans has to offer, read more of Loiselle’s articles for tips and advice.


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