When Is A Bathroom Not A Bathroom? Unusual Toilet Themes And Ideas

by Editor on May 30, 2013

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While some people will go all out in order to create eye-catching bathrooms, think celebrities and rock and roll stars, some people seem to take the idea of a conventional bathroom and make it so much more complicated.

Usually when we get the call of nature and do need to use public bathrooms, we might moan about having to cough up 20p or something, but as I discuss here, 20p seems a small price to pay when looking at other bathrooms.

First of all let’s look at a couple of bathrooms have, quite literally in some cases, popped up in the UK

Pop Up Urinal

In truth I can totally understand this one, the police, business owners and just general law abiding citizens that happen to be out and about quite late, have grown sick and tired of someone in the middle of the street unzipping their flies and relieving themselves in front of the entire world. Now, while these toilets can’t exactly prevent the latter part, they are designed to cut down on the number of drunkards using property as a makeshift urinal.

Having seen YouTube videos of the contraptions in action however, the slowness in which the toilet comes out of the ground has probably led to more soiled underwear and whether it’s stopped people deciding the shop on the corner is the perfect spot to pee against is up for debate.

Don’t Miss A Sec

Another public bathroom that popped up in London was the ‘art’ from the mind of Monica Bonvicini, basically a toilet cubicle featuring one way mirror style glass around it. Thankfully the mirror is on the outside as opposed to the inside so no-one can peak in, but nevertheless the idea of doing your business while a crowd of people glare seemingly in your direction, is certain to put many people off of doing what needs to be done and scuttling off to cough up 20p in a more normal public toilet.

Sega Toylet

For popping up to levelling up, this toilet in Japan which is literally making a game out of taking a pee. Not only that, but there are actually four different games to play. No doubt many people have had the desire to clear some of the smutty graffiti plastered around some public bathrooms and this game gives them the opportunity, at least in a digital form. Other games include a ‘Milk from Nose’ beat ’em up style game that uses the power of your, ahem, stream to pit you up against the previous user. For a more conventional game, the third offering simply lets you know how much urine you’ve managed to dispose of…handy

Finally for anyone who has often found themselves thinking of Japanese anime girls while taking a leak there is also a game that uses the strength of your pee to, well make the wind in the game stronger in order to blow up said anime girls dress.

Perhaps the scariest thing about these toilets is that they are by no means alone, there are literally dozens if not hundreds of bizarre, weird, or down right crazy bathrooms out there, so no doubt a new blog will soon have to feature some new contenders to the weirdest bathroom in the world contest!

About the Author

Louisa Jenkins is a home improvement expert. From time to time she likes to investigate the more weird and wonderful things out there from gold toilets to bathrooms located over old lift shafts, anything that catches her eye.

photo by: Mike Miley

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