What Your Bedding Says About The Bedroom

by Editor on May 8, 2013


The bedding an individual chooses can completely change the overall look of a bedroom. The bedding is what grabs an individual’s attention when they first enter the room, and determines how they view the room. If a bed is unmade, but the rest of the room is tidy the room will still look unkempt, for the bedding is the center of attention. When choosing bedding, it is essential to know the desired look and style for the bedroom.


If trying to go for a theme in the bedroom, such as a coastal theme or a modern decor look, the bedding will help complete the desired appeal. For a coastal theme, match the hue of the sheet with an ocean blue hue. A great match for blue sheets is a white comforter, especially a white down. To complete the look of the bedding, pick out throw pillows that tie in with the theme. A tip for picking out throw pillows is to find pillows that have a similar or complimenting color for the sheets and comforter.

Kid Themes

For young children, there are a wide variety of colors to choose from for sheets and bedding. If creating a themed bedroom for a child, such as dinosaur theme or princess theme, then choose colors to match their other decorations in the room. For dinosaurs, you will want to choose a deep hunter green and for a princess themed bedroom, then purple and pink always tie in perfectly.


Sheets and bedding should match or complement each other. If both fabrics have different colors, than the bedding itself will clash. Two different patterns are difficult to combine, so the rule of thumb is to stick with just one. The colors of the bed and sheets do not have to be the same, but should still match well. A pastel and a neon color generally will clash, but two similar colors from the same hue can be paired together. Unmatched bedding will make a room look disheveled and uncoordinated. As well as matching the sheets and comforter, it is also essential to match the colors with the bedroom’s wall color.

Bedroom Set

If you have a unique bedroom set that stands out, then try to coordinate the bedroom set with your bedding. A wicker bedroom set looks wonderful against light blues and light greens, while a darker wooden set looks fantastic against rich, royal blues and dark colors. A lavish bedroom set draws attention to the bedroom, so having the bedding coordinate will look well designed.

The bedding ties in with the whole bedroom. It is essential to coordinate the bedding with certain factors in a bedroom, such as the color of the walls and the actual bedroom set. A theme can easily be accomplished by the style and color of the bedding, simply by choosing bedding that matches the bedroom’s decorations. The bedding is a main factor for creating the overall look of the bedroom, making it appear well-designed and coordinated.

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