What You Should Never Do With Bathroom Construction – 5 Things That Should Never Be Considered

by Editor on June 1, 2013

Bathroom tiled; no grout

Many people and especially homeowners begin to become attached to their bathrooms. However when conducting the construction on your bathroom there may be many questions that you may have that are left unanswered and in fact may be at a loss of where to begin and where to end.

People may not realize but your bathroom takes many special and above average materials. With these tips and a suggestions you will know what to say yes and no to.


Make sure your floors aren’t slippery. Shiny materials are one of the worst features to have installed in your bathroom, especially on the floors. When having a shiny tile, marble, or even vinyl on your bathroom floors, your chances of slipping and falling are extremely high due to the possibilities of standing water.

The standing water would be a result from getting out of the shower, potential leaks, or water accidently falling when using the bathroom sink. If you insist and really like the look, make sure you have and area rug or mat in front of the shower or tub and the sink area.


Make sure the style of your bathroom fixtures are the same.If possible, pick the style of your bathroom fixtures beforehand. Usually home owners can choose ahead of time which styles will be eliminated and which will be considered. Some may not prefer stainless steel whatsoever, thus drifting their decision towards brush nickel or another finish.

However, designers or contractors may select the finish and style of fixtures depending on other aspects of the bathroom’s design, such as wall color, or the biggest of all, the materials that are being installed.

As floor, walls, and even shower doors and bathtubs have a tremendous impact on the overall style and feel of the bathroom, at times, the fixtures can be one of the last things selected and installed.

Standard Materials

Not all kinds of materials can go in your bathroom. In fact, some materials that are standard and installed throughout other areas of your home cannot and should not be installed in your bathroom for a number of reasons.

For example, things such as certain paints, floors, shower materials, and even counter tops are affected by extensive heat and moisture that develops in a bathroom and can cause much of the standard materials to deteriorate, and essentially cause damage to surrounding materials causing a much bigger problem.

Improper Caring and Attention

Many homeowners tend to forget the attention and proper caring that is needed for certain types of products and if neglected, can lead to damages that may surprise you down the road. Understand the type of fixtures such as shower heads, and the materials installed on your counter and floor.

Once you understand this you will be aware of how to clean and maintain them to have them last longer and constantly look like new.

No Windows

If you have the option to have a window installed in your bathroom make sure you do so. Due to the steam that often collects in a bathroom, the window will allow it all to escape. Those bathroom without a window have the potential to build up mold, damage the paint, have a bad odor, and potentially even cause damage to the materials installed

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Steven is a sales manager at a local distribution center that specializes in construction. He developed his passion for construction after experiencing his first job as a plumber’s assistant. He also worked for a project manager who only specialized in construction. Steven focused on every detail from lumber, to details of shower fixtures such as shower heads and faucets. Now, he wishes to grow and potentially open his own business.

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