What You Need For Your Home When The Purge Comes

by Editor on June 5, 2013

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(Don’t worry. This is spoiler free.)

The Purge is movie coming to theaters pretty soon. It’s set almost 10 years from now, where crime is at a all time low and unemployment is less than 1%. The reason they claim that the American society is doing so well, is because of “the purge”. The Purge acts as a catharsis, which is a greek word that means the purgation of emotion, especially negative emotions. So basically every year on March 21st, at 7pm, all criminal activity is legal. This includes, rape, murder, everything. Although The Purge is just a movie, it does raise the question of, what could I do to better protect my home? According to stats from Safe Guard the World, a break-in happens in America every 13 seconds. There are over 2 million burglaries a year. And with so many break-ins and burglaries, only 17 percent of homes have a security system installed. Our homes are one the most significant thing we own. We should take steps to secure our home from any possible threat. Here are a few tips to help you protect your home.

Get to know your neighbors. Odds are, not everyone on your block will be gone at the same time like in Home Alone. Getting to know your neighbors can become very beneficial to you and to them. If you haven’t already, start building a relationship with them. Show them that you’re someone they could trust and vice versa Help them out, agree to watch their home, make sure their trash is out on trash day, offer to park your car in their driveway when they’re gone so it looks like someone’s home. Just a small gesture to help build a relationship. It would be wonderful if you knew them well enough to give them a key to your house

The most logical and most effective step to take, would be to install a security system. With so many break-ins and burglaries, you would think more people would be taking steps to secure and protect their homes. Most insurance agencies can offer up to 20 percent discounts for homes who have security systems installed. So in the long run it proves cost efficient to install a home security system, not all of them are that expensive. I found this company called, Smith Home Security Systems, that offer everything for your home. I was especially drawn to them because of their app. The security system links up with just about everything you want in your home and then allows you to control it from the app. You can control the lights, unlock and lock the doors, the thermostat, it even lets you set certain wall plugs to be controlled so if you forgot to turn off the coffee pot, you could from your smartphone. It offers great protection to your home. Statistics show that homes with security systems install have are 300 percent less likely to be broken into. Home security systems are the most effective thing you could do to protect your home.

Survive the night.

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