What You Can Do With A Bungalow On A Big Budget

by Editor on May 21, 2013

Buchtel Bungalow

You’ll already be well aware of some of the elaborate, impressive and often downright crazy things people do to their homes. There are the massive extensions, crazy colour schemes and elaborate gardens, to name but a few. Most people don’t associate bungalows with having this kind of treatment though, but the fact is you can make a massive statement with one of these properties if you have a big budget behind you – in fact, by the time you’ve finished it might not even look like one at all!

The first question that needs asking though is this: why don’t people give bungalows much of a thought when they are thinking about buying a property to really spend some money on? The unjustified stigma attached to them is probably the answer – bungalows simply aren’t seen as cool or trendy at the moment. This should all change soon though, as the bungalow provides an excellent canvas for flamboyant and extensive home improvements, if you have the cash to carry them out.

So, what can be done to the bungalow and surrounding property to really make it stand out – to turn it into the home of your dreams, as well as the home of other peoples’ dreams too? Well, quite a lot, as the ideas below will show you…

Break the Walls Down

One of the most drastic steps anyone can take when completely renovating a home is to knock down the internal walls, but this can pay big dividends when it comes to bungalows. This is all due to the fact that a bungalow usually has a huge footprint and therefore the rooms are already generally rather huge – knocking down the walls between them will lead to an absolutely massive space, perfect for those interested in a modern and open plan feel to their home. In fact, the size of room you could create could be larger than the footprint of a regular home, even with leaving the bedrooms within their own four walls.

Of course, knocking down the walls will cost money, both in terms of the work being done and when it comes to getting a professional in to ensure that it is safe. Generally though, the interior walls within a bungalow are more likely to be okayed for knocking down, as they are not all supporting walls – unlike in regular houses or apartments. So, if you have the money, the chances of getting this kind of job completed are very good indeed!

It must be remembered that knocking down a whole load of interior walls might be exactly what you like, but it might not be to everyone else’s taste. Therefore, only do it if you don’t plan on reselling the property, as this could damage the resale price – unless you pay to have the walls rebuilt again…

Landscape That Garden

Due to the nature of bungalows, most will come with a rather large garden, both at the front and the back of the home. This is something that is becoming rarer and rarer for people to find, especially in cities, where the space for a garden is a luxury, and no longer a given. Buying a bungalow doesn’t just mean getting a nice patch of grass to sunbathe on though – it means that you have a large plot of land to do some amazingly creative things with! After all, who really wants a practical garden anyway?

Because of the size of the garden, it is possible to install all kinds of things in it. For example, how about a nice summer house for relaxing in while you read or tap away on the laptop? Or what about a pool? The weather might not be great in the UK, but a pool would be nice for those days when the sun actually makes an appearance! Basically, there is no need to worry about a lack of space in the garden when it comes to a bungalow, so you can go wild with the landscaping and appearance of your outdoor space. Just don’t forget to hire a gardener if you aren’t keen on pulling up weeds and other general maintenance!

Aim for the Sky

So, perhaps you want a huge two storey house, but are unable to find the kind of thing you want on the market at the moment. Well, have no fear, as the trusty bungalow could come to your rescue! “But they are only one floor” you say… Well, at the moment they are, but they won’t be once you get the builders in to add an extra floor to the existing building!

Granted, this might be rather on the expensive side, but it does happen and is sometimes the only way to get the house you want in a specific area. What’s more, the footprint of a bungalow is huge, so building a second floor covering the same area will lead to an absolutely huge home – 5 bedrooms is something that could easily be achieved. Should you not want to spend so much money, there is no need to build on all of the existing structure, as you could have an upstairs half the size of the downstairs, while still adding significantly more room – and value – to the home.

While we are on the subject of extensions, it is also incredibly easily to build outwards as well, with extra rooms being added on the ground floor. This is due to a reason mentioned earlier – bungalows simply have loads of space around them. Of course, you’ll have to obtain planning permission first, but this is not a problem in most cases, unless the neighbours get jealous of your grand new home in the middle of their street!

So, there are loads of different things that you can do to a bungalow if you have the money, and there are many more than those mentioned in this article. Your imagination is your limit, and the humble bungalow could be the perfect place to act as your blank canvas…

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photo by: Jeffrey Beall

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