What To Look For In Your Materials Handler

by Editor on April 25, 2013


Running a business is no easy feat. That is why it is wise to get all the help you can get within easy reach. But who do you go to for when you need supplies and equipment, like pallets and forklifts? What do you look for? What do you look for?

  1. Selection
  2. Quality
  3. Price
  4. Services


You want to make sure that whoever you choose to use has a wide selection. It will make things easier for you in the long run if you can get all of your supplies and equipment from the same provider. They need to not only have a selection of different equipment but also different brands.

From forklifts to pallet jacks, from conveyor belts to cranes you need to assess all of your warehouse needs and ensure the company you start with has them all and more. Gee it sounds like you might need a professional. Yep that’s exactly what you want.

You should be able to choose between conveyor belts, not just have one option. You should be able to get different sizes and models of forklifts. Everything should have an option. This shows their expertise in the business and provides you with the biggest selection for your business needs.


See if you can browse their selection. How does everything look? Is it stored nicely? Are you really getting new when you buy new? Are their items easy to navigate and inspect?

You also want to see if they have equipment and machines for rent. How do the rented machines come back? Basically you want to make sure the quality of their equipment is great and that they keep it that way. Nothing is worse than a faulty pallet jack.


As with everything, it doesn’t hurt to price shop. If you can find the exact same item and model number but for a better price, it doesn’t take a genius to know which company to go for. You’re going to be using this company for a long time. You’re supplies and equipment will need eventual replacing. You want to be sure you won’t go bankrupt if you need to replace a rope hoist.


What else do they offer? What else you may ask? Well yeah. If they are the experts you should have something other than equipment available to you. Do they offer training on safety and operational training? Do they give you the option to lease machines or only purchase?  Do they offer door and storage systems as well?

When you choose your material handler, ensure they specialize in what they are claiming. HOJ Materials Handling, for example, in Utah, has Materials Handling right in the name.  Make sure the company you go with specializes in little else, apart from materials handling. If they do, you can get your specific need doesn’t get the attention it needs.


If you are new to materials handling, which most likely you are or you wouldn’t be reading this, then you’re going to need help. Have you ever walked into a store, not knowing where to find something and receiving no help whatsoever? I’ve intentionally looked stupidly around the store, did double takes and made myself look utterly lost and consumed and still no help was given. When I can find an associate to ask a question, they rarely know what they carry, let alone where to find similar items.

You are making serious purchases. You need help. Ensure the company you go with offers plenty of guidance when selecting your equipment and machines. They should be able to suggest, based on your needs, what items you need. They should also be able to properly instruct you on caring for your machines and equipment. They should want your equipment to last you.

Consider the list and good luck!

By Shelby Morrison

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