What To Look For In A Kitchen Island?

by Editor on May 8, 2013


Do you have a kitchen island that needs a bit of a revamp or are you looking to include one?  Kitchen islands create much needed space in a kitchen, both for storage and working area. Before you take the plunge, there a few considerations you need to think about:

 1. Determine what you’re going to Use the Island For

First, what will you be using the kitchen island for?  This will determine the style and size that you eventually decide upon.  Is it just for eating or a meeting place for coffee and a chat?  Is it going to house a microwave or have a sink fitted in?  Think about how it will benefit you before you make any decisions.

2. You Can Add Food Preparation Surfaces underneath the Island

Obviously, food preparation is the key function of a kitchen. However, not everyone wants to see it so, think about an island that has levels on it. You can have your food preparation site beneath the island so that it is not on view.

3. Provide Enough Clearance

Make sure that your island is not so big that you can’t navigate easily around your kitchen.  3-4 feet is normally more than adequate for maneuvering space around the island, although you can provide more if needs be.  Measurement is vital here, otherwise you could end up with too little space or too small an island.

4. Choose the Right Surface

This will depend entirely on what the island is going to be used for.

5. Look at the Big Picture

Before you choose, look at your kitchen as a whole.  Do you want it to match or do you want a complete contrast?  You could have it match your cabinets or you could have it match your chairs. Whichever way you choose it should match in with the theme of your kitchen, if not the overall decoration.  Most people tend to match their kitchen island to their furniture rather than the kitchen cabinets these days so, if that’s the way you chose to go, make sure you know exactly what your table and chairs look like. Take photographs if necessary for when you go and choose your island.

6. Should Your Kitchen Island Be “Post Legs” Open Design, Or Cabinet Style?

Either one of these styles can go a long way to complementing the overall look of your kitchen.  Be certain about the function of your island before you choose.  If it is going to be for food preparation you might want to consider the cabinet style. If it is just going to be a meeting place or somewhere to eat then the post leg style will be more useful.

The island is going to be the focal point of your kitchen. It’s a way of adding in more furniture but still ensuring that you don’t lose out in the way of space.  No matter what function you want it for, a good island will enhance your kitchen, both in looks and function.

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