What To Look For Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

by Editor on May 17, 2013

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When hiring a roofing company, there are things that homeowners can look for in order to make sure they get the best company available.

Clichéd as it may be, all roofing companies are not created equally.  When spending money to have a roof repaired or replaced, it is important that homeowners find the best solution for their roofing needs.  By choosing the right company, the homeowner can get peace of mind that the job was done well and that the workmanship will be guaranteed for years to come.  Before the work begins, there are some things that homeowners can look for that will give them an idea about the quality of work that they can expect from the roofing company.


In the home repair and remodeling industry, reputation is extremely important.  Most companies get a large portion of their work from word of mouth, so they need to have lots of positive feedback from satisfied customers.  Homeowners need to go online and check the reviews of local companies before making the decision on the contractor.  Is the contractor recommended?  Do other customers get the service they expect after the job is completed?  Was the estimate close to the actual cost of the project?  Armed with this knowledge, homeowners can make an informed decision about which roofing companies to even contact for an estimate and not waste time with companies that have a poor reputation in the area.


A second key factor to look for in a roofing company is professionalism.  A professional roofing company stands out from the pack in a number of ways.  First, the company will carry insurance.  This means that if the roofing company causes damage to the home, they will be responsible for the damages.  Second, a professional company will have written warranties or guarantees on their work.  If the company is not willing to stand by the work that they do, in writing, this should be a red flag.  Finally, homeowners will see professionalism in the way the roofer handles the customer’s time.  This means calls and requests are answered promptly and the representative will show up on time to do the estimate.


Transparency is a critical factor in finding the right roofing company.  Most homeowners have little or no experience with roofing matters, and can often feel intimidated by roofing companies.  Unscrupulous roofers will try to take advantage of this naivety by drowning the homeowner in jargon and pushing for upgrades or services that are unnecessary for the job at hand.  The very best roofing companies will walk the customer through the entire repair process.  Homeowners should be able to either look at pictures of the damaged areas of the roof or even accompany the roofing representative on a tour of the roof.  The representative of the roofing company should be able to answer all of the homeowner’s questions and give concrete reasons why the suggested work needs to be done.  When the roofing company is transparent, there is a much lower risk of running into hidden fees or other mid-project surprises.

Homeowners who put a little extra work into finding the right roofing contractor will find a much better roofing experience in the long run.  Getting the proper contractor from the beginning will lead to a job that is finished on time, with high quality workmanship, and on budget.

About the Author

My name is Charles Bowling and I wrote this article, because I know how hard it is to find anything real about roofing companies or tips about roofing on the internet.  I just had to hire a roofing company do my roof and I know how hard it was for me to start about all of the research.  I wrote this in hope someone else can hlearn something from this. I personally use a roofing company in Lancaster, becuase that is what is local to me, but I encourage you to find a quality one local to you that has great reviews and that is affordable. However affordable doesn’t always mean quality work, so make sure they offer quality and are affordable at the same time.

photo by: Dita Margarita

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