What To Do With A Spare Room In Your Home

by Editor on June 11, 2013

Spare Room

In the times of high property prices and when space in a home is always going to be a premium, if you have a spare bedroom that you only use occasionally, why not turn it into a more useful and practical space that can be used more frequently.

If you have a guest room, or spare room that isn’t being used, why not consider making it into a dual-function space. Here are some ideas.

Home Office

A home office a great space where you can work or the kids have space to do their homework. If you have a small box room that isn’t being used then this could make a perfect office space. Whether you work from home full-time, part-time or just need a quiet study area to get away to, a home office is idea. Get a phone and internet connection and arrange suitable storage for paperwork, documents and books. Depending if you need to use the home office space for something else, you can also get a computer desk that hides your PC equipment away when it’s not in use. There is some clever storage solutions around that will create an organised and clean ambience.


A den is a place where you can retreat to and shut yourself away from the world. A den can be used for any form of hobby such as music, reading, composing, writing, watching TV, DJ-ing – virtually anything.  The secret of a good den is to make it as personal and comfortable as possible, a space where you want to spend time  as much time in as possible without wanting to come out. You can make it a dark ambience, by having blackout blinds and soft lighting and deep colours on the walls. Or alternatively make it a bright, comforting and warm space. A den is a real luxury, but it also gives you time and peace to be away from it all and concentrate on what you really like to do.

Play Room

A play room is a den for kids, where they can play and make as much mess and noise as they like! If you need to restore the play room into a guest room sometimes, then consider using storage that can store away and hide the toys when it needs to be. You can make a whole room dedicated to kids much more child-friendly and ideal for playing, with no hard corners, soft furnishings, floor cushions and floor mats. There are a variety of indoor play tents, tunnels if you have the room to set them up along with play centres that will provide lots of fun for kids. If your kids are older, a teenage den is ideal to provide them and their friends a great space of their own to hang out and play video games, pool if you have the room and to play music.

Gym Room

If you’re into fitness and want to save on gym membership costs, how about creating a home gym? Kit the room out with weights, barbells, a bench, kettle bells, fitness mats and medicine balls and you’re good to go. There is some great home gym equipment including treadmills, rowing machines and spin cycles that you can equip your home gym with. Attach a screen to the wall so that it’s out of the way and play keep-fit videos or the Wii Fit to get fit. You can use this room for all the family, no matter what fitness they like. You can also do yoga and Pilates in the room and create a personalised and meditational ambience.  Because your spare room is now the home gym, there’ll be no excuse not to exercise!

Dressing Room

A dressing room is the ultimate in luxury for any home; people get excited when they hear that others have a dressing room as a separate room. You don’t need to be rich and famous to have your very own dressing room. With clever storage design you can equip a whole room to be a luxury walk-in wardrobe to store your clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories.

You can also choose to have fitted cupboards or tailor-made storage solutions that will give you storage for everything. You can tailor your storage for your make-up, accessories, shoes, hanging space and drawer space.  If you have the room, you can also add a table to lay out your jewellery as well as hang it on a jewellery stand and include a dressing table in the room. Have a mirror in the room where you can try on your outfits in style.

If you require the room for a guest room from time to time, consider a fold-out bed that you can store elsewhere and bring out when you need it.

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