What The Colour Of Your Room Says About You

by Editor on June 4, 2013

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Our home is our very own personal escape and our bedroom is our oasis – it’s the one place we can relax, shut out the rest of the world and have a bit of ‘Me’ time. So when it comes to decorating your bedroom it needs to be painted in colours that reflect our personality, creativity and mood.

So what does the colour of your room say about you? Check out what the psychologists think is behind your colour choice:


People who choose to paint their rooms white are often very organised and logical people. They like bright, airy spaces and do not like clutter in their homes or their lives!


People who paint their room black are often seen to be quite artistic with a sensitive personality. While these people aren’t the quiet and retiring type they are still very careful to only share certain details of their lives with people.


Red has always signified passion and love as well as emotions. Those who love the colour red also love life and are determined to live it to their fullest. As red is not seen as a paritcualrly relaxing or calming colour it’s a good idea to balance out the red with a more neutral colour such as white or cream.


The colour of sunshine! Yellow is always associated with happiness, laughter and positivity. It’s seen as a purifying colour and can be very stimulating for your nervous system (which may not be helpful when you’re trying to sleep). Yellow accessories or a single yellow wall could create a very uplifting feel to your room and will brighten up rooms that are a little on the dark side.


This colour oozes femininity, if you have a pink room chances are you’re a very girly girl! Whether you’re recreating your childhood room or you simply love pink there is a lot you can do with the colour, particularly when it comes to accessories.


People who love green are often affectionate and loyal friends who are often very aware of what others think of them and care a lot about their reputation. Green is a very calming colour offering harmonious feelings of nature, security, and well-being.


Orange, like yellow is a very calming colour promoting warmth and happiness. Like red it’s an active colour that can evoke energy and excitement. Orange can be a great colour for a bedroom but it needs to be used in a room with plenty of natural light as it can make a room look smaller.


Blue signifies harmony, serenity and calmness. If blue is your chosen bedroom colour you are a reliable and sensitive friend who always thinks of others. You like stability and need things to be clean and organised. The colour blue is said to prevent nightmares and promote intellectual thought.

No matter what colour you choose for your bedroom it’s important that you have plenty of light streaming in through the windows during the day, creating a bright and airy place to relax in. And when the evening comes around make sure you have ample lighting in the form of lamps and beautiful light fittings, allowing you to create that cosy, intimate mood perfect for a bedroom.

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This post was written by Meredith Watts, she’san avid DIYer and can’t wait to decorate her new home and recommends Lampwise for all your lighting needs.

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