What Makes Luxury Homes So Luxurious?

by Editor on May 26, 2013


Though quickly and commonly defined in terms of higher cost, luxurious lifestyle involves a lot more than simply the price tag usually attached to it. From fine automobiles, opulent jewelry, to couture fashion and exclusive vacation destinations, other defining factors fundamentally become part of what sets these comforts and amenities apart from conventional living. Luxury homes, for example, are uniquely distinctive from most other properties on the market today, and are also not solely based just on the cost of the property. Elements including high quality craftsmanship, complete customization, rarity, and attraction of a particular clientele all help comprise what these homes can offer.

In the past, an exclusive address boasting grandeur in both and size and comfort, centrally located in an elite neighborhood were key elements associated to what defined luxury homes. Today, this has expanded to become so much more.

Location is not all that Matters

While location remains to be a key factor, quality is now inherently reflected in the design of luxury homes more than ever before. Branded residences are an emerging concept where developers and interior designers partner with international luxury brands to create extreme quality in craftsmanship for home design.

Intelligent Luxury Homes are all the Rage

Luxury homes now offer the best in amenities and superior intelligence through design. From digital entrance management, state of the art surveillance, panic buttons and rooms, luxury homes are designed specifically for the owner in mind. Whereas traditional homes come readily available with a few key elements to help distinguish the property from many others like it on the mass market, complete customization through installed timers serve to set the lighting, different temperatures throughout the day, and changes to multiple or various entertainment systems. These systems can also be adjusted through touch-screen panels throughout the house, or with remote accessibility, and are all controlled using the most innovative and energy saving technology available today.

The exterior of these residences are also designed with as much care and quality as the interior of the space. Not merely appearing to be simply expensive,meticulous well-planned landscaping, perfectly manicured and pedigree gardens surround these properties. In the past, traditional design simply called for marble or brick, modern architecture now includes sleek lines, planned lighting designs and concepts, and the use of steel, glass, and all-natural, eco-friendly materials.

Rarity and a Special Quality Sets Your Home Apart

Luxury is also defined by rarity. Simply put, oversaturation, sensational popularity, and mass consumer demand naturally drives down costs of amenities, designer clothing, and real estate. For this reason, rarity is inherently built-in to what makes luxury homes much more special than similarly designed properties available to the mainstream buyer. Part of this concept can also include the home’s lineage.  Home ownership maintained through prestigious, royal, or celebrity name, for example, can preserve the value of property and help it increase over time.

Specific architects, builders, famed interior designers help prove that luxury homes may not be biggest or the brightest, or the merely the first, but the more subtle details that differentiate the ordinary from the extraordinary in lifestyle help bolster these homes in a category all their own. A certain prestige of client is also associated to luxury home ownership. These clients generally maintain a lavish primary address, and can own several lavish properties in cities around the world.

Fine-Tuning Your Luxury Home(s)

Many also own one or more luxurious vacation homes or villas in very exclusive locations. For this reason, another foreign ownership of luxury homes is fast-increasing throughout the United States. These buyers can demand quality, distinction, and most often, discretion when searching the market. Unique factors in the purchase of these homes also involve more complicated and complex considerations, such as multiple inspections and in-depth legal consultations.

From commissioned fine art collections, opulent and exclusive libraries, private tennis courts, pools, and nanny wings, to homes set in the most exclusive neighborhoods, luxury homes are now filled with all the personal comforts expected by those who characteristically can afford more than a few luxuries. Where taking in the world’s most stunning views is only the nearest window away, luxury homes have truly become a whole industry now set apart for more than just price. While cost is certainly remains a foremost consideration in what defines a luxury home, the value is better found in the lifestyle they afford.

About the Author

This guest post was written by Rex Romrell, a realtor who has been selling luxury homes for a long time and knows what’s in and what’s not.

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