What Kind of Outdoor Lighting Suits Your Garden?

by Editor on July 3, 2013

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There are many different types of outdoor lighting, ranging in size, price, and function. Some lights are designed to be colourful, and provide light for entertainment purposes, such as outdoor parties. Others are more functional, and are designed to light a doorway for safety purposes. When choosing which outdoor lights to buy, it is important to consider what it is you wish to use them for. It is always recommended that you purchase lights that are specifically designed to be used outdoors, as they can withstand wet weather conditions safely.

Are you aiming for a flood of light for your patio or decking area, so that you can use your garden safely at night? If so, you may consider a wall-mounted light. These provide light to a large area, and can be as decorative or stylish as you choose. For example, the Milo Outdoor Wall Uplighter has a modern style, featuring stainless steel bars, which would suit a contemporary decking area, especially if you have metal garden furniture.

If you are looking for a more classic style of lights for your garden, the Botley Outdoor Uplighter may be more suitable, being reminiscent of a Victorian hand-held lantern in its shape and style, and it also gives a subtle, and more textured light. Most of these lights will be operated by an electronic switch, much like the lights you would use indoors.

Should security be the primary reason that you are purchasing an outdoor lighting system, there are many lights designed with motion sensors for this purpose. These can be placed near doors, so that you are able to tell if someone has walked nearby – although that does not always mean your house is being broken in to, as very sensitive lights can pick up a passing cat! The Eris PIR Sensor Security LED Light is a good example of this type of light. Security lights cost a little more than decorative lights, and they often provide a harsher, white LED light.

If you are holding a party or barbecue in your garden, you may want outdoor lights that are colourful and aren’t wall-mounted. There are lots of string lights and coloured bulbs available on the market, and they make a great addition to any garden party, providing light to smaller areas whilst adding some colour and interest as well. You can buy fairy lights in many different designs nowadays, but once again it is recommended that you use lights that are specifically made to go outside. The Yellow/Green Solar String lanterns are very vibrant, and look a lot like Chinese lanterns. They are also solar powered, which can be favourable to many people who want to keep their gardens sustainable.  These lights are often less expensive, as they are not permanent fixtures, and come in lots of different designs.

With the amount of designs available, your outdoor lighting can be as personal and unique to you as the rest of your garden.

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