What Is Blown Insulation?

by Editor on May 8, 2013

Worker installing insulation

Everyone knows that insulation is something that is crucial for the overall safety and comfort of your home, especially if you live in a colder climate.  And while there are several different ways to insulate your home, many homeowners choose blown insulation to get the job done.  Blown insulation is also known as loose fill insulation and is used as insulation on existing homes and structures that either didn’t have any insulation or needed extra.  Insulation blowing machines are typically used to distribute the insulation in the home.


When it comes to blown insulation, there are three general types that you will end up considering.  Fiberglass is made from very small particles of spun glass fibers.  Cellulose is made from recovered or recycled newsprint or corrugated cardboard that’s been treated with a fire retardant and insect repellent.  Spray in foam is made from polyurethane and expands to fill in cracks once it is sprayed into a cavity with insulation blowing machines.

Each type of blown insulation has its uses, but the spray in variety is often a popular choice because of how it fills in the spaces and eliminates air from the equation.  No matter what type of blown insulation you choose, renting or buying insulation blowing machines that disperse the insulation effectively is a key.

The Process

The process of insulation blowing is relatively simple, as long as you know what you’re doing.  A hole is drilled up near the ceiling and then again close to the floor.  Insulation blowing machines are used to force some form of blown insulation into the walls, and then the holes are plugged.  Once everything is plugged up, you have the option to paint the plugs if you so desire.


Using blown insulation has a few advantages over doing things the conventional way.  It is relatively economical and it’s a lot easier to get it into hard-to-reach places or around permanent obstacles like stove vents or chimneys.  Since it makes use of recycled materials, you can also add eco-friendly to the list.  You can use it as the main type of insulation in a home, or add it to what you already have to make it better.

Blown insulation does have a tendency to absorb moisture, so if you use it you might want to install a vapor barrier, as well.  This will help everything to stay just how you want and the insulation blowing machines are not used in vain.

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