What A New Homeowner Needs To Know About Picking Their Flooring

by Editor on June 8, 2013

Outside our first home, London, Ontario, 1976

When trying to pick out new flooring for your home, think about a room that you felt comfortable in and loved when you saw it. Picture that room in your mind, and think about all the things you adored about it. The chances are that as you think and remember, you will vividly picture the furniture, the walls and the pictures hanging on the walls. What about the flooring? Believe it or not, the flooring is often one of the major things people remember when they recall a room that they loved.

Tone of Room – When you are choosing the flooring for your new home, the choices you make can set the mood and tone of the entire room. Imagine how your mission style living room would look against a stone quarry tile of solid black. The contrast of the wood and the solid coloring is dramatic and highlights the beauty and functional simplicity of the room. The feeling in the room is quite serene and very cool. This is a room polished to perfection.

Create a Different Look – Next, think about how that same furniture would look against soft, warm maple wood flooring. Instead of the contrast, you have a soft blend of something quite classic. Think of how a woven rag rug would bring out the colors of the upholstery and touch on the tinting on the walls as you bring out more of a country feeling-casual comfort in an open, airy space.

Dramatic Flooring – Some rooms can handle a dramatic flooring style. Imagine a nice parquet wood floor for the entrance hallway or a terracotta tile floor inset with parquet stone for a border. Next, replace that flooring with a long Oriental runner with bare wood and notice how it changes the mood and feel of the room.

When you are choosing a type of flooring for your new home, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Function – Go with a type of flooring that services the function of the specific room. Cream colored carpeting is probably not practical for the kitchen area but would look perfect in the bedroom area. Natural, white wood is not the best type of flooring for your bathroom.

Mood – Different types of flooring set different tones and moods. To soften the mood in a room, natural materials are used. For a rustic mood, stone quarry tiles that have a rough finish are a good choice. A solid linoleum, with bright colors and soft feeling to the feet, can really warm up a kitchen. Using a solid color linoleum will set more of a dramatic style in the kitchen. The floor you choose to use can vividly enhance all the other aspects of your decorating plan.

Care and Maintenance – When you are choosing the flooring for your new home, think about the care and maintenance that a specific type of flooring will require. If you have a busy lifestyle, you might not have the time needed to take care of some types of flooring. If you do not have hours every week to wax your floors, consider some low maintenance flooring such as acrylic flooring tiles, stone tiles or pre-sealed wooden floors.

With so many materials, styles and colors of flooring available, you should find something that is perfect for you and your new home. Using a little visualization and research will help you find the floor that you can love for years to come.

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Pete Wendt is a freelance writer who recently moved to Austin, Texas. After purchasing his first home, he decided to remodel his flooring. He recommends going through Carpet Stop for all of your flooring needs.

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