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by Editor on April 18, 2013

Home Office

Stay-at-home moms have a lot of perks compared to those who are juggling 9-5 jobs. As a homebased freelancer, I get to spend my days with the people who matters to me most. We like to hang out and just have fun. But when I started getting serious as a freelancer, I soon realized that I needed to have my own individual space to work in if I was ever going to meet my deadlines. Now when I’m in my office my kids know that mommy’s working, if they need me they have to knock first.

Make it Your Own

I wasn’t always a stay-at-home mom, I’ve experienced my fair share of desks and work spaces, some better than others. I’ve learned that bland beige and gloomy grey tones do absolutely nothing to get my creative juices flowing. So when it came to designing my ideal home office, I made it a point to make it very personal.

Sure, it’s my office,but I didn’t want it to feel like I had left my bespoke home entirely. A lot of the same color themes present in the rest of the house are echoed in my home office so that when I leave my work to return to mommy world I don’t feel like I’ve made a long commute. It’s not unusual for a friend to stop by, take a look at my home office, and remark that the room looks like it was made just for me. Probably because it was!

Outfit Your Home Office Without Breaking the Bank

  • Shop at Auctions – Many companies are sending their workforce home to work remotely. This means good things for you if you end up being in the right place at the right time. I not only outfitted my home office with executive bookshelves, a credenza, cabinet, and matching desk, I bought all of these at a fraction of what I would pay retail. I’m thinking whomever used this furniture before me must have spent a lot of time schmoozing on the golf course, because it looks barely used.
  • Decorate with Personal Items – Prominently displayed on my desk is a picture of me with my family during our last trip to Disneyland. To make this even more special, my daughter made a frame out of macaroni and glitter. I love it, it’s a reminder of why I do what I do. Anytime I feel a case of writer’s block setting in, I just have to look at that picture of us hugging Donald Duck. I also have a cute mural on the side wall which my husband personally created to fit my love for the arts.
  • Get Organized – I admit it, my home office isn’t strictly business. I have little trinkets and toys I like to fiddle with when I feel my creativity waning. When I have no use for play-dough or silly putty, I keep it neatly tucked away in one of several decorative boxes dotting my library of books. I find these decorative boxes not only do a great job of separating genres and authors, but they also keep my clutter contained.
  • Highlight What Works, Camouflage What Doesn’t – At first I had a heck of a time finding the right place for my desk. A pesky window on the side wall made for cumbersome furniture arrangement, and though I first planned to go for window tinting, my husband suggested I just hide the window completely with a wall of bookshelves. I followed his advice and now the room has a very distinguished look that declares to the world “a writer works here.”
  • Comfort is Key – It’s very difficult for anyone to work in an environment that is uncomfortable. Even though very little of my walls are visible from behind my bookshelves, I still took the time to paint them in a warm tone that really pulls the whole décor of the room together nicely. A coat of paint is one of those simple ways of giving a room a quick facelift without spending a whole lot of money.
  • Invest in Ergonomics – I love my big, executive desk, what I didn’t love was the awkward way I was sitting behind it. My husband transformed the sliding drawer into a keyboard tray, then he attached my monitor to one of those nifty swinging arms, and treated me to a fully adjustable office chair. Now I can get completely lost in work for hours without suffering from cramps in my neck and shoulders.

A Chair Worthy of a Boss

I wanted my home office to be inviting, refined, yet plush. So I invested in a pair of recliners for small spaces to round out the décor. Now my family can stop by and tell me about their day while I take a break from research or writing, and they can do so comfortably in their big cozy chairs. Besides, I get some of my best inspiration while lounging, which is why I scoured sites for the ideal seating options to suit my needs.

About the Author

Freelance writer Rachel Cook is currently on permanent hiatus from the corporate 9 – 5, using her freelance writing income to fund a sustainable living experiment in sunny, tropical Hawaii. Since watching the sunset is her favourite way to end the day, Rachel looked at sites like to find the most comfortable lawn chair possible.

photo by: Sean MacEntee

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