Walk-in Bathtub Safety Tips for Homeowners

by Editor on November 23, 2013

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The main appeal of walk-in bathtubs for most people is the safety they provide with their easy-access entrance options. They are primarily designed for the elderly or those with physical limitations that make it difficult for them to step into a typical bathtub. Even people who are perfectly capable of stepping over the side of the bathtub to get in can get their foot caught or slip, so you can only imagine the difficulty for a person with limited mobility. A bathtub with a door is therefor preferable. And of course, there are also extras in most walk-in tubs, such as a bench to sit on while bathing since these tubs tend to be rather tall. Even with all of these safety features, however, there is always the potential for accidents in this slippery, water-filled atmosphere. So here are just a few safety tips for homeowners that use a walk-in bathtub.

There are two main concerns with any bathtub usage: slipping and drowning. And although walk-in tubs are designed to decrease the potential for accidents during the bathing process, it is still incumbent upon the user to ensure their own safety in any bathing situation. The first step is to make sure the unit is in good overall condition. This can be accomplished through regular cleaning and inspection. Like most bathtubs, your walk-in product is going to be covered in soap before long, and this can make it more slippery than normal. Regular cleanings will help to alleviate the soap scum that can not only foul bath water, but also create a slick surface. For the floor of the tub you may want to install a non-slip mat or grip tape (there are all kinds of sticker options for tubs) as an additional safety precaution, but regular cleanings are essential. And don’t forget to forego bubble bath, which can also leave a slimy, slippery coating on every surface.

You’ll also want to inspect the tub frequently to make sure it is functioning properly. This includes checking the drain and any additional safety features. Many walk-in tubs are designed to drain much more quickly than the average tub just in case of emergency, since the tub must drain completely before the door can be opened and the inhabitant can exit. In addition, these products often include some kind of system that ensures the water doesn’t get too hot as the tub is filling, since users must get in, close the door, and then wait for the tub to fill in order to bathe (and they’re pretty much stuck until the tub has drained). If you detect any problems with the tubs safety features or general function you’ll want to call in a plumber or other professional technician to address the issues immediately.

Since safety is of paramount concern, especially if you’re using a walk-in tub, you want to make sure that you purchase the right products from a reputable and reliable outlet like steam showers inc. and that you keep it in good repair. This will ensure the best chances of safety when you and your loved ones use this specialized bathtub. So take the time to clean and inspect your tub regularly and make sure to get it serviced as needed. This will provide optimum safety when bathing.

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