Using Rain Gutters

by Editor on May 10, 2013


Rain gutters are one of the most under-utilized features on a home. These gutters can seem to get a bad rep because usually they just collect yucky water, poor unfortunate dead animals, bugs and dead plants. Did you know that you can use rain gutters for things other than to collect rain? There are some really great ideas online and on Pinterest. These rain gutters can offer great solutions to many little problems that may be encountered. Gutters offer a really great, inexpensive option. If you decide you want to look into using rain gutters for different things, all you really need to do is take a few minutes and do some research online. You can find some do it yourself instructions and recommendations.

Gutter Crafts

– Are you looking for some great shelving solutions? Paint some new rain gutters with some pretty colored or crisp white paint and use them as bookshelves or places to store toys.

– If you’re looking to dress up your existing rain gutters, think about cutting out a cloud from some particle board and attaching it to the bottom of a rainspout to make a cute little cloudy gutter.

– If you want to have a good, easy way to plant a garden without taking up a ton of space in your yard, consider planting in rain gutters attached to the side of your house. You can make a step design and plant different plants in the different rows on your home. This is an easy upkeep because the gutters will not only let you grow a garden but they’ll help water your garden as they collect the rain that falls.

– Another awesome idea is to make a race track for your children’s toys out of rain gutters.

– Add an extra element to your child’s sandbox and fill rain gutters with sand so that your child can have extra space to play.

– One use to consider is to store all those pesky cords under your computer desk: just thread them through a rain gutter and watch them disappear.

Sometimes rain gutters can look a little dreary or boring. If you want to dress them up, you can consider painting cute designs on them or even adding decorations to the gutters.

Useful Gutters

While rain gutters have proven to have more uses than actually being rain gutters, you may be surprised to learn that they have even more uses than the ones we discussed above. The instructions for these gutter crafts and uses can easily be found online. You’ll see some great tips and tricks along with the instructions and find that people actually love their rain gutters, not the ones attached to their homes, but the ones that they are using for other things. I know someone who has rain gutter bookshelves and she absolutely loves them. This idea is great for a classroom, or a reading nook where you have limited space and don’t have room for a bookcase. Find your craft and get going.

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