Use Cupboard Doors To Transform Your Kitchen On A Budget

by Editor on May 16, 2013

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Investing in some new cabinet doors is a great way to give your kitchen a fresh, new look without spending a lot of money. Old and worn cabinet doors can make your kitchen look drab and boring which means that you probably won’t want to spend a lot of time in there. A new kitchen can cost thousands but replacing the cabinet doors costs nowhere near as much and will make your kitchen look brand new with relatively little effort.

The majority of kitchens don’t have a sole purpose because they’re used for a lot more than just cooking. A lot of people like to entertain guests in their kitchen, considering it the heart of the home and therefore want it to be an aesthetically pleasing place to be. In order to achieve this look your kitchen needs to look fresh and new cupboard doors are the perfect way to accomplish this.

The cupboard doors that you choose ultimately depend on the look you’re going for in your kitchen. If you want to draw attention to an area other than your new cupboard doors – for example and island or breakfast bar – then your cupboard doors should blend in. If this is your aim then glossy white, cream or grey doors are best – unless you want to highlight a stainless steel appliance in which case darker colours will have a more impressive effect.

Alternatively you might want your cabinets to stand out – if you’re going to pay to freshen them up then you want people to notice them – and if this is the case then wooden or brightly coloured gloss doors are your best bet.

Wooden doors will essentially stand out no matter what you put them against so whether your walls are beige or green, wooden doors will always make a statement. If you’re not a fan of wooden door then there are plenty of other styles out there. Glossy kitchen cupboard doors are really popular at the moment and they’re available in all manner of colours so they’re sure to stand out.

If completely replacing your cabinet doors is going to make a bigger dent than you’d imagined in your budget then consider alternative ways to transform them. Staining or painting kitchen cupboard doors will give them a complete refresh that people will comment on, even if the doors themselves haven’t actually changed.

If your current kitchen doors are made from wood then staining them will give them a sophisticated look that will last for years and will never go out of fashion. If you already have wooden doors then staining is a great way to enhance them

If you don’t mind losing the natural effect of wooden doors then painting them is a great idea. Although the paint will cover the natural grain, it will help brighten and freshen up your kitchen – depending on the colour that you use. Ultimately, you can use any colours but if it suits your style consider using a variety of colours to give your kitchen a chic cottage feel. If you do choose to paint your cabinet doors, make sure you cover them in a high gloss coat when they’re finished so that the paint is protected and you’re not left with a flat colour.

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