Updating Your House After You Get Married

by Editor on June 4, 2013

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Getting married is one of the most exciting things you can do in a lifetime.  It is one day where the spotlight is on you, with friends and family coming out to celebrate the next phase of your life, and the union with the love of your life.  Most people put quite a bit of planning into it, and once you get back from your honeymoon, it can be hard to adjust to the amount of free time on your hands.  One great way to push forward is to take the gifts you received and integrate them into your home, making it an even better place to live.

Consider Where You Live

The best place to start your new project is to consider where you are currently living, how long you have been there, how long you intend to be there, and what is keeping you there.  There are many factors that can come into play here, but mostly it boils down to jobs, family, and friends.  Most other things can be rearranged.

If you haven’t recently moved into your home, it may be worth discussing with your significant other.  Are the places where you are currently occupied jobs or careers?  Do you have much family in the area?  Do you plan on having children in the near future?  If so, do you have a good support network with your current social circle?  It’s important to consider these things in advance, as moving is a big process.

Updating your Home

Whether you plan on staying or looking, it’s wise (and fun!) to update the look of your home.  Each path has certain things that go along with it in terms of how you change the look of your home.  Namely, if you plan to stay, you can push any excess clutter into one or two rooms while working on the rest, and enjoy more personal freedom in decorating.

If you are working on your house with the intent of putting it on the market, be mindful of details.  The easiest way to do this is to simplify each room.  The fewer things there are in each room, the bigger they look.  You may want to update some of the furniture before you move.  The best items to look at are dining room sets, bathroom fixtures, and anything that could make your kitchen look better.

Which Rooms to Focus On

The kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom are the four places to focus most of your effort.  These are the rooms that you likely use the most, and as such, they are the four places that people shopping for a house will give the most attention.  (Again, if you plan to stay put for a while, it still behooves you to put some effort into these areas to occupy yourself, invest in the property, and make your home more comfortable.)

Small touches can go a long way in improving the look of these areas.  Decide what you like the most and what bothers you about each room.  Write out a list, then compare notes with your spouse and decide on a budget.  From there, you can go about making changes to transform your house into an even greater place for someone to live in.

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By Sammy S, a recently engaged blogger looking to start upgrading into a new life with her husband-to-be.

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