Updating Your Bathroom With Accessories: Top Three Tips

by Editor on April 26, 2013


There are several benefits to redecorating your home. For one, it can add appeal to your home, making it more inviting to guests and attractive to potential buyers. However, redecorating any room in your home is difficult; but when it comes to your bathroom, the stakes are much higher. From the physical considerations you have to make over plumbing and furniture arrangement to the decorative elements which need to be added, there are plenty of things to consider and I for one never relish the thought of tackling this mammoth task.

That said I have learnt a few tricks over the years – discovering that bathroom accessories can transform the appearance and feel of a bathroom in an instant. To share my wisdom, here are my top three tips for updating you bathroom using accessories.

1. Don’t go overboard                                                                                     

The first rule of any decorating project should be to keep things in moderation – well, if it was good enough for the Greeks then it’s good enough for me! The problem most people make is by getting away in stores and online, buying every gadget and decorative element they set their eyes on. Instead, create a list of ideas you like using designer magazines and collections to inspire you. Once you have an idea of what you want, allow your budget to control your spending and avoid turning your bathroom into a car boot sale with too many knick-knacks.

2. Choose a theme

Similar the above, a lack of focus never bodes well when redecorating – but especially not in the bathroom. To give a really luxurious feel and look you need to choose a theme and then stick with it. Nautical and water-based themes are always a good place to start but don’t feel you have to be restricted by these.

If driftwood units and shells aren’t your cup of tea then opt for something different. Natural motifs always work well so why not opt for pale, natural colours like olive green and match with a few floral printed accessories? Live plants are always a good addition too and orchids are a great choice, looking stunningly beautiful and being perfectly suited to the internal environment of the bathroom.

3. Match colours

Lastly, and it may seem like an obvious point, but I really can’t emphasise the importance of matching colours enough. If an eclectic style is what you’re after then combine different materials and styles of ornament and decorative accessory rather than mix-matching colours. If you do decide to go for a bold colour clash then keep it to two distinct colours rather than bombarding your bathroom with every shade under the sun.

The easiest way I found to lift the room was to keep practical accessories like soap dispensers and towel rails neutral – opting for chrome or white designs – and then inject colour through soft furnishings like towels, blinds and shower curtains. These are far cheaper to replace than other items and if you match a few colours in all these accessories then you can change the appearance of your bathroom regularly, sort of rotating the different styles and colours throughout the year.

About the Author

This is a guest blog written by interior designer Steven Morris. With his 18 years of experience in the industry he has gained a wealth of knowledge he enjoys sharing with others.

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