How To Add Pizzazz In Your Bathroom

by Editor on April 24, 2013


Most of us think of our bathroom as a retreat, and what could be better than wallowing in a hot soapy bath with a locked door between us and the demands of the world. Keeping the bathroom clean and tidy is obviously important in terms of having a space in the house to truly relax, but so is decoration. By decorating the bathroom to create an attractive and tranquil environment, you’ll have the ideal retreat to indulge in some me-time, without leaving the house. So chuck out those fluffy toilet seat covers and plastic ducks, and read on to find out how to refresh your bathroom in just one weekend.

Bathroom Flooring

To decide on a decorating scheme always start with the flooring and base the rest of your decisions from there. Happily, because the bathroom is often small, replacing the flooring can be done very cheaply. Carpet is obviously not a good idea as it is hard to clean, so your options are generally hardwood, ceramic tiles, or a vinyl or laminate floor covering. Laminate and vinyl are the most cost effective choice of the four, and there are now a multitude of colours and designs to choose from. They are easily laid with just a Stanley knife, and should take no more than a few hours.

Colour Schemes

Once you have decided on your flooring, the floor colour should determine the wall colour. For a very small bathroom, painting the walls a similar colour to the floor will create the illusion of more space. If your bathroom is larger, you can opt for more dramatic shades, particularly if you have white bathroom fittings, or even patterned wallpaper.

Generally speaking though, a calm and neutral colour scheme in tones of taupe, bone or dove grey will make your bathroom restful, clean and contemporary without looking clinical. If you do want your bathroom to be entirely white, always try and add warmth with accessories such as a wooden duckboard, shelving, or towels in a warm biscuit shade.  Just remember never to choose towels in exactly the same shade as the walls – instead opt for a complementary contrasting colour. For example, if you have dove grey walls, white towels will create a sharp contrast, and vice versa.

Always make sure you use specialist bathroom paint to avoid mildew and damp.


A stylish towel rack, plants, pictures, shower curtains, bath mats and window blinds will all spruce up a tired bathroom, won’t cost much and can be added in a couple of hours. Even changing your tap heads can make a massive difference. Don’t clutter your bathroom with too much though – this defies the object of creating an easily cleaned and restful space. If space is an issue, add a free standing bedside type cabinet for somewhere to store toilet rolls, towels or shampoos.

Lighting and Mirrors

Light is really important in a bath room, so if you have small dark bathroom, you can direct light back into the room by positioning a mirror opposite a window.  Vanity lighting can be easily positioned next to a mirror to add light and atmosphere, but always make sure you use a qualified electrician for electrical fittings.

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