Unusual Dining Table Inspiration

by Admin on October 25, 2013

dinning tableWhile the kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home, the dining room is its gathering place. It is where guests are brought, where family and friends come together to share holidays and special occasions and where laughter, conversation and daily meals take place.

Choosing the design for such an important piece of furniture as a dining table may seem straightforward; they come in three basic shapes, rectangular, round and square. However, today there are a number of unusual designs, which incorporate new elements into these standard shapes or create something completely unique and trendy.

Having an unusual dining table is very appealing to many people. It offers a way to put a personal stamp on a room’s design, as well as providing a source for conversation and even entertainment that a standard dining table may not. A dining table may be considered unusual because it has a unique and innovative shape, because the design and materials are fresh and imaginative or it may have a dual function of some sort, which renders it unique.

Unusual dining table ideas

Unique and innovative in both design and shape, the 7100 dining desk is definitely one of the most unusual options. Intended to be a multifunctional piece of furniture, the 7100 dining desk opens along a longitudinal axis, pulling apart to expand the table and open the central area. In the center, a cutting board, cutlery box and stainless steel plates may be rearranged in a variety of ways, while two versatile trolleys slide into the open space on either end.

Lovers of nature and the natural world may think that their search for an unusual dining room table is limited to nothing more than a large slab of natural wood or a rustic hewn table, but there are more unusual ways of bringing the outdoors in. For example, for those who enjoy eating al fresco, there is the grass table. Constructed from metal, the framework supports an expanse of green grass covering the table area, a lush backdrop for any dishes and flatware. Another option, featuring a more contemporary design, is the tree table; a clean white modern-style table complimented by modern chairs and a citrus tree growing through the center of the table.

The glass dining table has been a popular choice for decades and there are many unusual incarnations of the style to choose from. While the glass top of the table is universal, it may be plain, frosted or etched, while stained glass and leaded glass are other options, as is mirrored. The bases may be constructed from a variety of materials, shaped in a wide variety of designs. Monolithic stones, smooth cylinders and metallic coils are all possible base styles, not to mention sculpted metal rods, carved wooden bases and marble spheres.

Finally, for a fun and whimsical alternative, a rectangular or square chalkboard may be used for the table-top. It provides a blank and easily erasable slate for kids, both young and old, to express themselves on.

photo by: Dennis Wong

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