Making The Most Out of Your Self-Storage Units

by Editor on April 24, 2013

Self-storage units provide protection, convenience, and cost efficiency in storing your important belongings. Although a lot of people tend to think of storing big items only such as furniture and appliances, the self-storage industry is actually expanding continuously and there are several individuals who have found creative uses for self-storage units to upgrade property. What are they?

Office Documents


Larger offices can quickly became overrun with paperwork – but it can be unwise or even illegal to throw all this paperwork away. A quick and great design tip is to rent out a small, secure and affordable storage unit for all those excess documents that you may need one day, but don’t have to access until that day arrives. This frees up space so you can work efficiently in the office.

Band Practice Space


If you’re in a band, you may need a place where you can let loose, away from angry landlords, nagging parents and potentially furious neighbours. A self-storage unit offers just this kind of space, in a flexible and affordable package. Also, musicians who practise in a self-storage unit can leave all their equipment in the unit, instead of dragging instruments from one practice space to another. Drummers will be especially appreciative of this convenience.

Running a Small Business


If you’re running a business from home and want to move out of the bedroom or garage into a more dedicated workspace, a self-storage unit may be ideal. Most units are fitted with electricity and are located within decent driving distances of city centres. Conducting your business out of this type of unit might be just the move you need to get your business off the ground.



Small businesses may run into the problem of not having enough space to store excess stock. A cheap, secure self-storage unit can be the perfect solution. With self-storage, business owners can fetch whatever stock they need, whenever they need it, with little or no advance notice.

Workout Area


Many people opt to exercise in gyms, but others prefer to exercise in private. However, there isn’t always space at home for bulky gym equipment – or the peace and quiet you need to focus on exercise. A centrally located self-storage unit can serve as an enclosed, private and completely dedicated workout environment.

Workshop / Hobby Room


If you need a workshop or hobby room, a self-storage unit may be the answer. As well as providing the space you need, it can enable you to work with loud or messy materials – for example, if you’re into woodwork or welding – without bothering your neighbours or other members of your family.

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