Understanding The Role Played By Windows In Home Decorations

by Editor on May 25, 2013

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With every home, there are two types of home decoration. There is the part about how your home looks from within the house, which is indoor decoration. Then, you have the part where you see how your home looks from outside. This is home decoration. With home decoration, there are so many things that you can change, replace, rebuild and all the other constructions activities that can initiated to get things to become better.

You could opt to improve your garden with garden furniture that is made of stone, wood or painted aluminum. That would enhance overall look of your home. Same goes to adding conservatories which give you more living space while enhancing your home’s look. Most home decorations bring with them not just aesthetic improvements but also functional utility as well. One such home improvement is windows.


There are two ways of looking at windows as home improvements. There is the basic task of choosing a window that suits your home’s overall appearance. You have many styles of windows to choose from your home improvement store. Once you have chosen the windows and have them installed, there are even more methods of making these windows look better. You actually have two distinct set of activities waiting to be completed when you decided go after windows for your homes.

There are four major types of windows. You have the casement variety of windows, which are standard windows which have doors that open to the outside. Then we have sash windows which open up, like a slider. Tilt n Turn windows which fold like a multi layered door and open with an easy lever action.  Lastly, there is the reversible window which, as the name suggests has door that hinges open to the outside like a vertical door.

All of these windows look great, given that most of them use the same material. The factor that helps you choose the best is how they work. Casement windows are standard windows. They simply open outside and they may not be the best option for the main house. This is not to say that they are ugly but they are just so old fashioned and may not suit your modern home. They will fit well into your home, if you want something that is completely basic and you like things to be simple.

Wide Length Windows

If your home is designed with openings that are wide, spreading across the entire living room, then you need to go for something that is suited for such open areas. For those arrangements, you should either opt for Tilt n Turn or Reversible windows. If you live in a part of the city where there is a lot of rainfall, then Reversible windows work well as they open out, acting like a shield from rain that might fall too close to your windows.

If rain is not a problem or if your home already has a canopy extension that is part of the house design then you can fall back on Tilt n Turn windows. Tilt n Turn windows are easy to open. Some people don’t like the reversible window doors hanging out like an extension. If you also feel the same way, then Tilt-n-Turn is the best window for homes with large window openings. Both type of windows let in a generous amount of air when fully open.

If you are looking for a certain amount of control about how much air enters yours home, reversible is better because you can choose the angle at which it closes. This will come in very handy when there is a windy weather outside and you want to restrict high speed wind from entering your home.


The simplest way to enhance windows, be it Tilt n Turn or Reversible, is to get a collection of curtains. Curtains are a part of indoor decoration anyway, but they also tend to have high visibility from outside. They serve an important purpose of giving you privacy as most windows come with transparent window panes anyway. Another job well done by curtains is to block entry of high speed wind while also allowing a lot of air to enter and leave your home.

While we would recommend that you get windows made and installed by professional window service installers, curtains can be made into a do it yourself hobby. This way, you are lending your own personal touch to the curtains and you can impress your friends and family with your curtain making skills.

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