Underfloor Heating – The Benefits

by Editor on May 9, 2013

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Over the last few years people have been exploring new ways to heat their homes. There has been a surge in the number of people using solar panels, due to excellent feed-in tariff rates and also a rise in alternative heating methods such as ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps. However perhaps the type of heating which has seen the most uptake in UK homes is underfloor heating.
Underfloor heating is an excellent way to heat the rooms in your home. The heat radiating from the floor can be perfect on those cold winter mornings while the extra space you’ll have due to the removal of unsightly radiators can make even the smallest room feel larger.

So what are the benefits of underfloor heating?

Energy costs

It’s estimated that the cost to run an underfloor heating system may between 15% and 40% less than a conventional boiler system. This however may change depending how often the system is used.

Cheaper to install than a radiator system

On a new build when the heating pipes or cables are embedded in the floor’s screed layer an underfloor heating system is cheaper than a radiator-based system.

Saves space

An underfloor heating system saves space in a room as the need for radiators is removed. This gives you back the wall space you’d previously lost and ‘opens-up’ the space giving you many more furniture placement options.

Ease of use

The temperature in the room can be adjusted easily by the room thermostat. And because the heat is emanating from the floor less will be lost at the ceiling, as it is if using if radiators.

Cosiness and comfort

An underfloor heated room will generally feel cosier than a radiator heated room. This is because the room will not have any cold spots and the heat will rise from the floor, rather than the heat reflecting off the ceiling as it generally does with a radiator-based system. Also a warm floor can be excellent during the colder months of the year when tiled floors, which aren’t heated, can feel very cold to the touch.

Little maintenance

When your underfloor heating system is fitted under your screeded layer there’s minimal maintenance needed. All the pipework, or heating mat, is hidden beneath the screed so doesn’t need to be checked.

Underfloor heating systems either use a long section of heating pipe which is hidden under the screeded floor surface or by using an electric heating mat which is also fitted within the screeded layer.

Many people now choose to have a tiled or vinyl floor surface in their kitchen area. And they make this space the ‘heart of the home’. The best way to do this is to install a new screeded floor with an underfloor heating system installed within the screed layer. This is an excellent way of heating the room and hence is now the preferred option for new-builds or major home refurbishments.

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Gordon Hardwick had underfloor heating installed in his home. He used floorscreeding.me.uk and now has a beautiful heated vinyl floor which he adores.

photo by: Martin Pettitt

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