Two Tasks Usually Forgotten During A Garden’s Seasonal Cleanups

by Editor on May 13, 2013


It’s important that you do seasonal cleanups for your garden, before the fall and spring seasons. Not only can this help keep pests away, but this will also prepare your garden for the next season.  Failure to do seasonal cleanups can mean more work on your part and more money wasted.

While seasonal cleanups become a routine to most people though, there are still some things that they commonly forget to do.

Fall Cleaning Task Usually Forgotten

You’ve been so busy winterizing your lawn that you’ve probably forgotten one very important thing – your garden hoses.  The garden hose has been well utilized during the summer that it’s already become more like a garden fixture. We’ve taken its presence for granted that we oftentimes forget about them come the fall season.

Forgetting about your garden hose and leaving it outside is a big no-no since it can be very costly for you. The garden hose could easily rupture and do damage to the water pipe it’s connected to. Replacing the damaged pipe and the ruptured garden hose is an additional expense, and it is one that could have been easily avoided had you only taken care of the garden hose before winter arrives.

To avoid these additional costs, you need to drain the garden hose and store them inside the house or your garage. You also need to turn off your home’s outside water supply to protect the pipes.

Spring Cleaning Task Usually Forgotten

When it comes to spring cleaning the garden, the most commonly forgotten task is checking the gardening equipment. Some people just jump into the task without checking the equipments first. They turn the machine on, and if it’s not working properly, they still continue using the equipment anyway just to get the job done. What they don’t realize is that they’re putting additional pressure on the equipment. If this continues, the gardening equipment gets damaged, necessitating repairs and even replacement.

You can prevent this by checking and testing the gardening equipments first before you actually start your spring cleaning. If you notice that something is off, then bring them to the repairman to have it checked and repaired. It’s better to spend a little money now, rather than spend a lot to have the whole equipment repaired or, worse, replaced.

To make it easy for you to do your seasonal cleanups, you can make a checklist for both your fall and spring cleaning. This way, you won’t forget a task.

Too Busy for Seasonal Cleanups?

Being too busy is not an excuse not to do your garden’s seasonal cleanups. If you don’t’ have the time to do the cleanups, then hire someone who can do it for you. There are companies that you can hire to maintain your garden for you. Not only will they do the pruning and trimming of trees and bushes, but they’ll also do weed control, aeration, and fertilization. Some companies even offer winter snow plowing as well as mulching services.

Their services will cost you money, of course, but in the long run, you’re going to save some. Also, you’ll get to enjoy a more beautiful and healthier garden.

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Jennifer Dahlia writes for an Idaho Falls Mulching company. She writes about gardening tips and advice as well as DIY gardening projects.

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