Tree Trimming: DIY or Hire a Professional?

by Editor on August 26, 2013

Tree Trimming

Tree maintenance can be a huge hassle, but it is a homeowner’s responsibility. Trimming trees helps to keep your home and property safe and secure by reducing and removing dead or diseased branches. In addition, trimming trees regularly can ensure that your trees are healthy and attractive looking on your property. Since there are many benefits associated with trimming trees, many homeowners want to trim them, however they debate between trimming the trees themselves as a DIY project, or hiring a professional.

Many homeowners prefer DIY projects for the interior and exterior of their homes. DIY projects allow individuals to save money by using their own labor and resources such as tools and other materials. DIY jobs don’t need to be scheduled in advance, and many homeowners like to feel independent and self-sufficient. In some cases, DIY projects are savvy ways to get the job done without having to spend money. Tree trimming is not one of these cases. Tree trimming poses several potential risks since it is dangerous and requires skill. Even experienced tree trimming professionals injure themselves on the job. Your life and your health could be jeopardized if you decide to trim your trees on your own. If you are willing to take this risk, the decision is your own. However, hiring a professional to do the job safety and properly is a much better choice.

Professionals have the right tools for the job and use them regularly. They do these jobs every single day, and while they are not immune to injury, they are much less likely to hurt themselves with equipment that they know how to utilize. Even if you have the right tools, which you probably do not, you likely don’t have much experience using them, which can be quite risky.

In addition, professionals know how to safely climb a tree. They can easily identify if a branch is rotten or broken. This means it cannot hold weight. A homeowner may not be able to identify these unsafe braches and could climb onto one and injure him or herself by slipping or falling. If branches are not secure, a professional will have access to a bucket truck or crane so that they can still access the tree without harming themselves or others.

It is difficult to predict where a tree branch will fall. Professionals have more experience and so they can make better judgment calls. Often DIY tree trimmers make uneducated and harmful mistakes because they don’t know what they are doing. Tree limbs could end up on homes, cars or even on people because of poor planning and foresight. A professional will know the proper angle at which to cut the branch so that they can calculate where it will fall in an educated fashion, instead of just “eyeing” it and hoping for the best.

Professionals know how to handle tress and are aware of safety precautions and procedures. In addition, they are heavily insured incase of an emergency which protects them and you as the homeowner. If you are considering trimming or cutting a tree on your own, it is wise to reconsider and explore options and pricing with a professional tree maintenance company to reap theĀ benefits of professional tree trimming.

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