Transforming Your Kitchen On A Tight Budget

by Editor on June 10, 2013


Kitchens are without a doubt one of the most expensive rooms of the home costing between £4,000 and £10,000 on average. This might seem a lot but as the kitchen is the heart of so many homes you can understand why people pay so much to make it perfect. However, if your kitchen could do with a bit of a make-over but you can’t afford to spend a few thousand then it doesn’t mean it has to look cheap.

Rather than buying the first kitchen you see, think carefully about everything you have in your kitchen and the things that you really need.

The cheapest way to give your kitchen an affordable make-over is to give it a new coat of paint. Colour will help to add a new lease of life to your kitchen and brighten up, what has probably become a pretty dull room of the house. A simple lick of paint can easily bring your kitchen right up to date making the room look completely different to the outdated spectacle it’s become. When it comes to introducing a new colour to your kitchen don’t be afraid of bright, bold colours or using a variety of colours. Your kitchen should show off your personality just as much as any other room of the house so make sure you do it justice.

Cabinets are obviously a kitchen essential but if you chose the latest trend last time you had a new kitchen then the likelihood is that it became outdated pretty quickly. When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets it’s important to choose a timeless design that won’t go out of fashion quickly so make sure you avoid the latest fads. If you don’t want to replace the whole of the cabinets then keep the shells and replace the doors because it is essentially the doors that you and other people will see. It’s really easy to change a set of cupboard doors and it’s a cheap way to completely change your kitchen furniture too.

Vinyl, lino or tiled floors are common in kitchens but as it is one of the most used rooms of the house it doesn’t take long for the floors to start looking a little shabby and tired. It’s easy enough to improve the appearance of the floor though, consider adding a low maintenance rug or mat to add some colour and life but without making your life any harder when it comes to cleaning.

Accessories are essential in any kitchen because they make a statement but overloading your kitchen with accessories will make it look a mess which is a huge mistake. If you’ve got to stick to a tight budget then accessories are the best way to improve the look of your kitchen whether it means reducing the number that you already have or adding to your sparse collection.

If your kitchen is looking a little cluttered because of the huge number of accessories that you own then take all of them out and then reintroduce your favourites one by one and don’t overdo it. A few accessories will help to make a statement in your kitchen, they should give people an insight into your personality, the things you like to cook and hobbies that you have.

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Graham Woodall wanted to surprise his wife with a new kitchen but really didn’t have a huge budget, however with the great prices at he managed to get a whole new kitchen for a fraction of the price of high street retailers.

photo by: Nelson Minar

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