Transform your Garden with Decking

by Admin on August 31, 2013

decking.Installing decking in your garden can add character and serve as a functional piece. Since decking uses all manner of wood patterns, shapes and styles, it allows you to create a focal point in the garden that is unique to you. Decking can have both practical and social purposes such as providing a base for a shed or as a firm setting for garden furniture. Whether you wish to install decking to house a shed for your garden tools or as the centrepiece for barbecues and social gatherings, outline a careful plan before doing so and decide how you’ll go about installing it.

Personal project

If you feel comfortable taking on major DIY projects in the home, then installing decking yourself could be a rewarding and therapeutic project. Whether or not you’re an avid gardener, we all take a certain amount of pride in our garden’s appearance and fitting decking ourselves is a great way to make the most out of it.

First, lay out a detailed plan of how your decking is going to look and more importantly, where to place it. Will it be a free standing construction in the corner of the garden or act as a walkway or paths leading from a conservatory or from an equivalent patio door? If you’re stuck for inspiration, the web has many great decking ideas and tips. Thankfully, where the decking tools are concerned, many hardware stores will sell self-assembly garden decking and include the essentials items to help you get started.

As long as it’s fitted correctly, you’ll be pleased to know that decking requires little maintenance other than checking for and replacing rusty nail fittings every now and again. While we hope you’ll be enjoying the decking on many a summers day, the weather can’t always be predicted so check fairly regularly that the elements haven’t weathered the fittings too much to ensure you get the most out of your decking.

Go with a contractor

Whether or not you choose a contractor to fit your decking depends entirely on your personal preference. You may need the decking fitted quickly in which case, professional help may be advisable. If you’re less the confident with similar scale projects and are not strict about your budget then it might be worth hiring a professional company to install the decking for you. Hired gardening companies may have certain wood supplies that are not available in major hardware stores. So while you may pay a little extra for professional decking, you could have more choice in the style.

Whatever decking option you opt for, find the perfect style of garden fence to complement the look. Buy Fencing Direct boasts a great range, from tall decorative oak panels to trellis frames that create the illusion of space and give your plants a helping hand.

photo by: Sarah Jane

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