Total Room Makeover For The Sports Minded

by Editor on April 26, 2013


Our family and our friends have always had a passion for sports, hence the viewing sessions we have had throughout the years. Because of this too, we renovated our living room into the quintessential space for watching major sports tournaments. And since then, it seems like our friends don’t want to watch the game anywhere else.

We kicked around several ideas at first when we were deciding how we were going to renovate our living room. The furniture we’d collected over the years was growing shabby and uncomfortable, a makeover was long overdue. A sports theme seemed like a no-brainer because we are such avid sports fans we practically had all the décor elements on hand.

Turns out a sports theme is a pretty popular go-to as far as decorating ideas go. Sports themed window treatments, wallpaper trims, and pillows are easy to find online and in stores. Even the official website of the NFL has a section dedicated to decorating your home with sports memorabilia.

Do It Yourself – Do It for Less

  • Framed Posters – Between my son and my husband, these two fellows had plenty of sports posters to plaster the walls of our sports room, and another two other rooms. We were hard-pressed to pick our favorites, but we had fun with it, doing it draft-style until we had nicely framed pictures of our dream team adorning the walls. Many of the posters had been given as gifts, or were simply saved from issues of sports magazines, so this didn’t cost much of anything. Our biggest expense was buying the cheap frames from the craft store and the metallic spray paint we used to make the frames look fancy.
  • Display Old Jerseys – My husband has gotten more fit over the years, and my son has grown out of most of his clothes, but neither one of these guys was willing to part with his favorite jerseys. I didn’t see a reason to part with them either when we could just use them as part of the décor. So I preserved them in plexiglass frames just like they do at the fancy restaurants filled with sports memorabilia. I have to admit, the father and son jerseys displayed side by side adds a nice cozy touch to the room.
  • Paint for an Instant Facelift – My local hardware store likes to reward me for being a loyal shopper in the form of discounts and free perks, such as a free pint of paint in the color of my choice. I saved up a few of these perks and brought home enough paint to transform our sports room into a haven fit for a true Steelers fan. Stencils and painters tape came in handy for getting the logo just right and the lines perfectly straight.
  • Stocked Bar – No one wants to miss an integral play in the game because they were out of the room fetching a beverage. For big parties we like to keep a couple of coolers stocked with beer, sodas, and plenty of ice, but most of the time we rely on the mini-fridge that’s tucked off in the corner.
  • Snack Pantry – Can’t have the gang over to watch the game without a decent spread of snacks. One corner of the room is our snack and beverage station. This is where we have our mini-fridge placed, along with some large bowls for chips and salsa, and some electrical outlets in case we want to make a warm dip in a crock-pot.
  • Big Screen TV is a Must – No sports room would be complete without a big screen TV. The big screen is necessary so none of your guests have to suffer with a hindered view.Admittedly, this is the one area where we really splurged when renovating the room. We felt it was worth it because we had saved so much money elsewhere.

Comfort is Key

In addition to a new sectional couch and loveseat, we also purchased a couple of small scale recliners so all of our friends could gather comfortably. We have some large pillows that easily double as seating in a pinch, and some sports themed throw blankets in case anyone gets chilly. Knowing what we wanted to achieve in our finished sports room made it easy for us to do most of our shopping online, of course resources such as helped as well.

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