Top Tips For Securing The Most Vulnerable Room Of Your House

by Editor on May 16, 2013


If your garage is attached to your home then burglars are more likely to target it because they see it as an easy way to enter. Garages act as the perfect point for burglars to enter your home unnoticed unless you take extra precautions to make sure it’s secure. If, from inside your garage you can easily get into your home then garage security should be even more of an importance.

Even if your home can’t be entered through your garage most garages contain some pretty expensive equipment that you’d probably rather a thief didn’t make off with. Lawn mowers, bikes and cars are all kept in garages overnight and they’re really easy for a thief to sell on so leaving them in an unsecure garage means that they’re easy for thieves to get hold of.

It’s really easy to protect your home and your belongings from thieves by following a few simple steps that will help make your garage more secure.

o    Lock it – although you might consider this to be common sense you’ll be surprised how many people fail to lock doors which means that burglars don’t even have to break in to take your belongings. In order to be safe it’s essential to lock any doors that you can and if you know your locks aren’t overly strong then consider investing in some new ones or installing deadbolts to all outer doors.

o    Get rid of windows – garages that have windows are giving thieves the opportunity to see exactly what there is inside. If they can’t see anything valuable then they’re less likely to break in because there might not be any benefit in them doing so. However, it’s not worth giving them the opportunity, burglars are less likely to break into a garage that they can’t see inside for exactly the same reason. If your garage door has windows then either consider replacing the door or try covering or frosting the windows.

o    Don’t leave your garage open – whether you’re at home, in the garden or out you should never leave your garage open for all to see its contents. If you leave your garage door open then anyone who walks or drives past can see everything you store inside; even if you only leave it unattended for two minutes, that’s enough time for a burglar to make his move.

o    Strong door – just because you don’t live in your garage it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be as protected as your home. One thing you should remember is that if a thief can get into your garage then your home won’t be far behind so it’s essential to make sure your garage door is as strong as your front door.

o    Lights – burglars need to be able to hide and they don’t like to risk being seen so if you install some bright outdoor lights or motion censored lights around your garage it’s less likely to become a target.

o    Keys – for the people that still park their car in their garage, the likelihood is that they leave their keys in there too. Bunches of keys aren’t simple nowadays and people store their car keys, house keys and office keys together so if a burglar gets into your garage you’re essentially providing them with access to your entire life.


About the Author

Emily Hope has been the victim of a burglary via her garage so now she has automatic garage doors to ensure maximum security.

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