Top Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Hallway

by Editor on June 14, 2013


Top Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Hallway

When people start renovating their homes, the hallway is not often the first priority. However, this is surprising seeing as it is the main entrance and where all visitors get their very first impression of your home. You would think more people would focus on doing up this space and making sure it is renovated to as high a standard as possible, instead of leaving it till last, when the money has run out or been greatly depleted.

If you have made the good decision to spend time and money renovating your hallway, then here are a few ideas which can help you do it.

1. Improving the overall layout

Many people would shirk at the very thought of what changing the layout of their hallway might cost but the truth is, you don’t need to go too crazy and tear everything apart to change the layout (although you can if you want to). If you do decide to tear things out and actually change how much space your hallway has, make sure you consider your storage options and be sure to place them out of the way of where the most footfall is, i.e. right beside the front door.

Hallways can be very busy, so the last thing you want is to make it extremely crowded, so there is less space to meet and greet guests, say goodbyes, put on and take off coats and shoes, bring in or take out luggage and so on. To improve the layout without too much building work, you should try and identify, and then use, any dead space for storage, for instance under the stairs. Alternatively, if this is already storage but it’s not being utilised why not remove the storage and open up your hallway instead, to make it more spacious.

2. Choosing the right colours

One of the main problems with hallways is that they tend to be very dark. It can be very hard to get natural light to a hallway, which is why it is so important to make sure you choose the right colours to paint it with. The majority of hallways also tend to be small, so choosing the wrong colours will only emphasise the smallness, which you definitely don’t want to do. The best idea, therefore, is to only use lighter shades.

This is not to say you must only use neutral shades like beige and white though. No, that is much too boring for most people. You can still be adventurous and choose other shades, such as light greens and blues. These shades will help make a visual impact and stretch out the space you do have in the hallway, making it look larger. However, if this is not suitable and you want to choose darker colours, you will need to focus on the lighting of your hallway to ensure the paint does not make it look too dark and dinky, this is covered in point 4.

3. Think about how your stairway fits into the design of the hallway

The majority of hallways will also have the staircase leading off it. Many people forget to include their staircases when renovating their hallway but the truth is, staircases can also give across strong impressions to guests and should also be considered when renovating a hallway. For instance, when changing up the hallway space, you need to make sure your staircase is not impeded in any way shape of form. This will ensure people’s safety is not compromised.

You should also take note of whether your banisters need replacing. Sometimes old wooden staircases will have the odd rotten or broken down area, which could do with some updating, so make sure you budget for this when you first start costing up your hallway renovation project. You should also consider how much you can use the staircase for storage, since many have a layout which provides the odd shelving facility. Why not use these areas to store books, photos or just the odd ornament, as this will free up your main hallway from clutter more.

4. Choosing the best lighting

As previously mentioned, hallways tend to be a lot darker than the majority of us would like. In addition to painting them correctly, it is crucial to ensure the best lighting is also used. Keep in mind how dreary the winter months are and how much nicer it is to come home to a nice bright home and as the hallway is the first place we come to, lighting is therefore really important. Consider installing a range of different lighting, from main lights to lamps and picture uplighters as this will create a bit more drama.

You have many choices of which kind of lighting to use in your hallway, so make sure you do your research and choose the options you like best. Keep in mind thought, two of the better options for brightening up your hallway might be pendant or halogen lighting. Pendant lights are good because they hang nicely from the ceiling; provide a good amount of lighting whilst looking pretty at the same time. Halogens will also most definitely make your hallway a nice and brightly lit space and are a very modern addition so will make your hallway look very trendy.

5. Add some more life

Hallways should never be too cluttered, as this will always make them look oppressive and small, however, this is not to say they should be totally bare. Make sure you add some more life into your newly renovated hallway by adding things like picture frames, either with family photos or attractive prints. You can find a huge variety of lovely frames in second hand or charity stores, so don’t feel you need to spend a huge amount of money.

Adding a mirror here and there will also make your hallway look wider or longer, depending on where you hang them. Mirrors will also reflect natural and artificial light so can improve the lighting in your hallway too. Also consider adding a bit of furniture here and there if you have the space, although be careful not to make the area look too cluttered. You can do this by enduring furniture is functional as well as decorative, for instance a side table, which can be decorated on top but also used as storage.

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