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by Editor on April 24, 2013


Rugs although simple implements, can contribute to the overall ambiance of a home in a big way. An excellent combination of texture and colour can be easily achieved with the proper use of rugs. What’s even great about these decorative pieces is that they don’t have to occupy additional space. So whether you have a big, luxurious home or a studio type automated house, you can simply mix and match rugs without worrying about space.

It’s quite common for rugs to be used to completely transform neutral spaces and give them a bit of much-needed character – that property we’re all looking for in a lovely, tasteful domestic environment. However, rugs do need proper care in order for their effect to be a lasting one.

Too many people fail to maintain their rugs properly and the result is that they spend more money than they need to on decorating the home. The rug no longer fills the room with colour so new accent features are purchased. The rug is looking a bit threadbare so it’s junked for a new variety that doesn’t fit quite as well with the complementary cushions, throws, wall art and window coverings in the room.

This sort of thing can be avoided with some decent tips on the subject of rug care. The following ought to stand you in good stead when it comes to preserving rugs and making sure they last.

Clean your rug gently

The same with maintaining garage doors, rugs don’t respond well to rough treatment so it’s a wonder that people still believe the best way to clean them is to beat them in the garden. This just makes them turn threadbare before their time. A vacuum cleaner is far gentler when it comes to dealing with ordinary dust and dirt. Professional cleaning services are available for the odd full treatment.

Preserve your rug’s colours

One of the primary purposes of using rugs at home is to introduce colour, so it’s wise to do whatever you can to make sure colours don’t fade – or at least to make sure that those colours fade evenly. You can do this quite simply. If you turn your rug 180 degrees every time you clean it then you will even out the distribution of natural light on the rug over time which will ensure that no portions fade quicker than others.

Preserve your rug’s luxurious fibres

Rugs are generally quite tough and durable but that doesn’t mean they can handle constant exposure to foot traffic. It’s wise to adopt a shoes-off policy around the house to protect carpets and rugs, not just from dirt, but also from wear. Try and adopt this policy in your bedrooms and lounge even if you don’t adopt it in more practical spaces. Rotating your rugs regularly also serves the purpose of distributing foot traffic evenly over time at the same time as distributing sunlight evenly, so this is a very good tactic to use in rug maintenance.

After getting the perfect traditional rug from The Rug Seller, Tina Parr was determined to find ways of preserving it for longer.

photo by: dynamosquito

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