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by Editor on May 2, 2013

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You can hire a skip for any project that will generate a lot of waste. Skips are suitable for both domestic and commercial premises. They are also used by schools and community groups who are discarding old equipment such as sports gear and theatre sets. Some popular reasons to hire a skip include: carrying out home renovations; undertaking a large gardening project; clearing a building site; and de-cluttering your home during a spring clean. To hire a skip you need to need to take a few things into consideration first.

Choosing A Size

Skip sizes are generally made up of the following categories: mini, midi, standard and industrial. When you are trying to estimate how much waste you will be getting rid of, remember that you can use this as an opportunity to get rid of any old furniture, broken toys or any useless items that have accumulating in your shed or attics. Don’t underestimate the size you need because it will work out more expensive if you have to hire two small skips rather than one large one. If you are doing home renovations, you will end up throwing away a lot more than you think; especially if you need to pull down doors and walls.

Placing Your Skip

It is best to place your skip in your garden or on your driveway because then you won’t have to secure a permit for your skip. If you must place your skip on a main road, you must first obtain the correct license, signs and lights. Your skip hire company should be able to assist you with these requirements. On the rare occasion that you do not qualify for a permit to place a skip on your road, some skip hire services will bring the skip on a truck and park it outside your garden for a few hours while you load it up.

Filling Your Skip

Break waste down as much as possible before putting it in the skip; this will save space and allow you to put more materials in. Do not place appliances or electrical devices in your skip; this includes light bulbs and batteries. It is also prohibited to place hazardous waste in the skip such as paint, oil, asbestos and medical waste. Most skip hire companies also ban tyres from their skips. Remember, you cannot overload a skip because it is against health and safety regulations to transport a skip if it is too full. Ask your skip supplier what the maximum fill level for your skip is.

Removing Your Skip

Some skip hire companies will have a time limit on how long you can keep your skip. Other companies will let you keep the skip until it is full. Your skip will be taken to a special waste management centre where a certain percentage of the materials will be recycled. Ask your skip hire supplier about the efforts they make to ensure that materials are recycled.

Before you hire a skip, make sure to shop around and compare quotes. Choose from a supplier that has a reputation for excellent customer service.

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