Top Tips For A Budget Bedroom Makeover

by Editor on May 10, 2013


Turning a bleak and cluttered bedroom into a chic, contemporary space you can be proud of needn’t break the bank. In these days of austerity, these creative shopping tips and low-cost design projects can help you turn your bedroom into a soporific sanctum.

De-clutter your clutter

It’s all too easy to allow your bedroom to turn into a catchall for items you are unable to find a home for. One simple solution is to buy storage boxes you can slide away neatly under your bed. By hiding away all your clutter you can increase your floor space and create a bedroom with a more spacious feel.

Bedroom basics

Give your bedroom that fresh, new feel by rearranging your existing furniture. It’s amazing the effect moving your bed will have on your bedroom. You do not have to be a geometry expert to transform your room in this way; simply moving your bed into the corner of the room will instantly increase your living space.

Make a statement

A statement wall or piece of furniture can draw the eye to an area of your bedroom you are particularly proud of. A simple DIY makeover on a dresser or mirror can turn a previously drab wall into a focal point. Colour matching is central to a successful DIY makeover.

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Gold seems to be the standard for mirror frames, but if you have an old gold or wooden framed mirror, then by adding a simple splash of colour to the frame which complements the bedroom’s existing colour scheme, you can add texture and sophistication to the room.

Painting tips

The cost of paint soon adds up, so if you intend on giving your bedroom a brand new coat, it is essential you think your decision through carefully. Most home improvement stores now sell sample pots of paint so you can try the colour out yourself at home before committing to a more substantial purchase. Also, if you’re keen to revamp a mirror or small item of furniture as described in the point above, then a sample pot of paint may well be all you need to complete the transformation.

A cost effective alternative to bedside tables

As items that serve a predominantly practical purpose, bedside tables can be particularly expensive. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty and exercise a little creativity, then the tables we commonly use for enjoying TV dinners in the lounge can be topped with custom-cut mirrors or painted to suit your bedroom colour scheme. They are often just the right size and height!

Seat coverings

If your bedroom furniture has seen better days, simple seat coverings can take years off a dated suite. Choose a fabric that complements your colour scheme, fold into the corners of the furniture and secure with a staple gun. It’s certainly a lot cheaper than buying new!

And to top it all off…

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. If your bed is a bit of back breaker, then rather than forking out for a completely new bed, why not invest in a mattress topper? The John Lewis website has a range of high quality mattress toppers which can provide much needed support as you drift off to sleep.

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