Top Three Reasons To Choose Solid Wood Furniture

by Editor on June 12, 2013


A few decades ago when man made materials were all the rage, plastic was fantastic. But with worries for the environment on the increase and a return to a desire for quality and craft – today, wood is good! If you’re in the process of choosing new furniture or doing some new interior design for you home, then avoid the pitfalls of temptingly cheap flat packs and invest in high quality solid wood. Heres why:

1. Longevity

Whilst most flat pack and cheaply made furniture will be clogging up landfill before you can say ‘carbon footprint’, solid wood is made to last. A trip to any stately home packed full of wooden bed frames, bookcases and resplendent dining tables that could have been carved yesterday will attest to that.

It’s hard to imagine that in 100 years’ time we’ll all be taking a tour around Wayne Rooney’s former home to marvel at the chrome, vinyl and manmade fibre carpets – mainly because they will long since have fallen to wrack and ruin. But ask yourself whether the most stunningly crafted solid wood pieces being made today will still exist in a century or even two and the answer is a resounding yes!

2. Assurance

Giant furniture chains are all well and good, especially if you’re in the mood for Swedish Meatballs, but how many of us have excitedly purchased that £8 table or £20 bookcase, dripping with glee over the ‘saving’, only to end up out of pocket when the item we chose falls apart and we need to replace it.

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ couldn’t be truer – when you choose solid wood you can purchase a unique piece from an independent retailer who is staking their reputation on the product and service they provide. In addition, when you’re looking for a more unusual wood you can seek out a specialist to supply you with the best items. For example you’ll find a number of Redwood, Cherry, Walnut and Sheesham furniture suppliers who can source incredible pieces of furniture that will last for generations.

3. Beauty

Last but most decidedly not least, an expertly crafted piece of wooden furniture is a thing of beauty to behold that will only get better with age. A wonderful dresser, bookcase or coffee table can end up becoming a part of the family and even be passed down from generation to generation. Could the same ever be said for a bargain basement veneer, MDF or engineered wood piece of furniture?

What’s more, it’s such an incredibly versatile material that whether you prefer your home to resemble a modernist masterpiece or encompass traditional splendour (or a bit of both!) you can find furniture to perfectly suit your tastes.

But there’s more – whilst the tiniest knock or scrape can irreversibly ruin a cheaper item, wooden furniture is tough, resilient and designed to withstand the stresses and strains of daily life. However, on the off chance that your furniture is damaged it can be repaired to an excellent standard that effective makes the damage disappear, rather than having to be thrown away like a cheaper alternative.

And finally! Wooden furniture requires minimal maintenance. Little more than the occasional dust and polish will keep it in tip top condition, making solid wood one of the best options available for those who prefer to enjoy spending time in their homes rather than cleaning them!

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